Beautiful Chaos


Often when we think of the word chaos we have a perception of when “hell breaks loose”, when things go wrong and our lives are upturned. I’ve had some experiences recently that showed me a completely different possibility with chaos.

One example was when I was heading into the hills to meet a friend and got lost along the way. I spent quite a bit of time finding where I needed to go and ended up being very late. In the past punctuality was important to me, I was annoyed if others were late and I stressed and fussed in order not to be late myself. As I headed along a winding road, through the beautiful Australian bush, I realised that trying to control the outcome was useless, and as I was willing to be in allowance of the situation I became aware of the beauty of chaos.

What I felt was space all around me as if the Universe had just peeled back a layer to show me its inner workings. Energetically, I became aware of the quantum entanglements, the possibilities, the potentials of All That Is kind of floating around me. I realised that in this space there was no control, no form and no structure as we know it, instead, there was a beauty and what I can only describe as a type of divine order that the mind could not possibly fathom.

I sank into this space of allowance, enjoying the beauty of the chaos and the vastness of the universe and what was possible, and I knew that this was a place from which we can create. The more I was willing to let go of the judgments and conclusions I had about time and what this journey was supposed to look like, the more I became space. And when I was willing to be judged as being “late and unreliable” the sense of wrongness I felt dissipated and I saw that while my morning had not begun as expected I had gained something magical.

When I arrived at my destination my friend was happily catnapping in her car with the seat laid back, in total allowance of the situation and no judgement of me – as always.

What magic can we create from this space of chaos? What magic of being are we avoiding by trying to control everything in our lives? And what beautiful chaos would you be willing to invite into your life?

Until next time my amazing friends,

Keryn Lee
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