Clear your Energy for better Health and Wellbeing

hands above head turned sunset

Now more than ever in Earth’s history we face a plethora of energies and man-made frequencies that bombard our energy fields daily. If we look back hundreds of years, we didn’t have this; life was very slow paced, we walked or perhaps rode horses taking weeks or even months to reach a destination. If we look back many thousands of years, we were more in tune with nature and there was greater focus on meeting our daily survival needs rather than who’s the latest reality TV show star.

It’s a changing world and our physical biology has had to adapt to this influx of energies and frequencies that some say our physical bodies were not designed to deal with because our lives are now evolving so quickly. We are flooded with information and constant pressures with less and less time for contemplation and to rejuvenate our body’s systems.

It’s time to recognise how much our energy fields are impacted by all this, not to cause worry or fear, but to see how vital it is that we take a moment to clear our energy to create greater health and wellbeing. This energetic rebalancing also takes place organically as we expand our consciousness and we start to become more aware of energy and how to clear or transform it very quickly – probably much faster than we were capable of thousands of years ago.

When I’m in a shopping centre I see the hustle and bustle of bodies around me as well as sensing the energetic layers beyond the physical. I usually go to this type of place very early in the morning because it’s energetically kinder to me when there are less people. Today, circumstances required me to go later so it was much busier. I could sense how people felt, their judgements, their ailments and the energies that they carry around with them. And yes, as an intuitive healer I am very aware of these energies, but it’s important for you to know that we ALL do this to some extent. It’s just that most people have learned to ignore the subtle language of energy. If people realised how much they take on from others they would be quite astounded.

I truly believe that if everyone learned how to clear their own energy just by doing some basic daily releasing there would be significantly less pain and suffering on the planet.

I’ve recorded a simple energy clearing exercise for you here:

If you don’t have it yet, I also invite you to get a copy of my free e-book A Practical Guide to Energy Clearing which offers 5 more simple tips for Energy Clearing. Here’s the link:

You can also book an energy clearing session by visiting my website and selecting the Body & Being Session option in the shop. Getting assistance can help kickstart your path to greater health and wellbeing.

Until next time, beautiful beings . . .

Keryn Lee

Keryn Lee is a professional Intuitive Healer, Tarot Reader and Teacher. She offers Private Sessions and Programs to clients who are ready to create phenomenal change in their health and their lives. Sessions available In Person, Online or Phone. Book Now on 0408 857 620 or Visit website:  Facebook: 




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