Love is . . . a distraction?


We live in a society where finding love is highly valued, people seek love from others and are told that they should love themselves, but does this actually distract us from something far more important?

Many people spend a great deal of time and effort trying to find their true love, or sometimes any love, and when they do they start limiting themselves to fit into the other person’s version of reality. (Such relationships are usually based on karmic bonds and old vows.) Others go round in circles trying to find a way to love themselves and never quite figuring out how to do that, so they judge themselves as failing or being wrong in some way, when all the while they are chasing an elusive ideal.

When you are focused on finding love you are seeking something that you think you lack all the while distracting yourself from being who you really are. It’s like having a carrot on a stick in front of the horse which keeps the horse walking even though it can never reach the carrot. With love, it creates a perpetuate state of longing, self-judgement and feeling somehow wrong because you can’t truly find a way to love yourself.

What if you stopped focusing on the carrot (love) and became more aware of yourself as infinite being?

Does an infinite being need love? No, an infinite being is oneness which includes everything and judges nothing. An infinite being does not need anything or anyone else to complete them. An infinite being may choose to be in relationship with another based on the contribution and fun and joy that person might add to their life, to complement them rather than complete them.

The more you focus on loving yourself, the more you chase the elusive carrot. When you don’t buy into the distractions you can be you. This will change your relationships because now you can receive anything that anyone has to offer you with no point of view or judgement. When you function from this space of awareness and allowance your life will be much richer.

Notice how much time you spend focused on love. Notice how often you feel lacking because you don’t have love or don’t love yourself. Notice how you think everything will be better when you find love. See the distraction?

All of this consumes your time and energy and is a way to avoid being you.

Take a deep breath, expand out in all directions beyond your body and find the edges of you the infinite being. Keep expanding out beyond the room, beyond your town, keep going.

Expand even further, beyond your country, beyond the planet, beyond the universe.

There are no edges to you, right? You’re infinite.

Get a sense of all the energy of love that you have used to distract you from you, throughout all life-times, planes and dimensions. (All of the seeking, all of the failures, all of the places you diminished yourself for someone else, all of the heartbreak, all of the unfulfilled dreams and promises, all of the lies of love and anything else.) Imagine it in front of you now and if you are ready to create a little more space and awareness, let this energy dissipate and release in any way that you like. You can explode it, let it drift off into the universe, let it simply disappear. You’re the magician.

Now as you go about your daily life be aware of any old patterns that arise and start making some new choices.

When you distract yourself from being you, you limit the awareness and possibilities that could contribute to you, your body and your life. Practise the above exercise to help you create a different reality.

Until next time, Beautiful Beings . . .

Keryn Lee
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