Connecting with All That Is

all that isTheta Healing – Part Three of Three

Over the last two months we have taken a look at various elements of a Theta Healing session including Belief Work and Downloading Feelings. This month, in the final article of this series, we will look at the energy healing part of the session.

This is where we start to bring all the other components together. We have assessed the client and what they want to achieve  and tapped into the stuck belief systems that need to be released. We then use Muscle Testing to confirm these patterns and then choose the feelings that are to be downloaded. Then the client takes to the massage table and the energy healing begins.

The Theta Practitioner is trained to enter the Theta Brain-wave state by connecting with All That Is/Creator/Source (or whatever terminology suits them). They then connect with their client which automatically bring the client into the Theta state as well.

A Theta state is a very relaxed, meditative, somewhat trance-like state where the brainwaves are slowed to a frequency of four to seven cycles per second. Theta brainwaves govern the subconscious and therefore our memories and sensations, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours.  Vianna Stibal, the creator of Theta Healing, calls it the ‘God-consciousness’ state.

From here a practitioner will begin the process of ‘reading’ the body, energy clearing, releasing psychic hooks and cords, wayward spirits and any energies that do not serve the client. Every practitioner is different and will have their own process, but for me personally, I will be intuitively tuning in to where energy is stuck and what needs to be released and I will begin to make choices about what needs to happen during that particular session. For example, are there curses, oaths or vows to be released, are there past life issues, are there issues relating to coming in to the physical body in this life, do the chakras need clearing, and so on. And there are myriad potentials here that are far to vast to mention.

As this energetic work is taking place, the client is relaxed, yet fully conscious, although occasionally people do drift off a bit. It is common for them to have random memories of people or places, to smell things, see colours or shapes, feel odd sensations in the body or actually feel energy releasing, because we are working at a sub-conscious level.

At this point, the practitioner also clears the relevant belief systems, and downloads the feelings that  were agreed upon in the earlier part of the session. They will be guided to areas that require healing and a client’s guides may even make themselves known.

At the end of a session the old belief systems are muscle tested to ensure they have been cleared.

No two healing sessions are ever the same. The entire process is guided intuitively by co-creating with the client and All That Is/Creator and therefore takes place in the highest and best way.

The level of healing that occurs is entirely up to the client, for no healer can bring about transformation unless the client has chosen that for themselves at some level. But as someone who has studied many different types of healing for the past 30 years, Theta healing is one in which I have seen and experienced the most remarkable results. While it may be that my own skills and abilities have vastly improved over the years, I do believe that this method of healing goes beyond so many others that I have worked with.

Belief systems are at the core of everything we do, so if we can dissolve those beliefs, the sky truly is the limit.

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Pathways to Freedom

brain pathwaysTheta Healing – Part Two of Three

Last month we took a look at one of the elements of a Theta Healing session that is called Belief Work which is based on the understanding that thought creates reality. This month we look at a another component that is known as Feeling Work.

This part of a Theta Healing session is about building new neural pathways in the brain. Neural pathways are like superhighways of nerve cells that transmit messages. The more one of these ’superhighways’ is used the more solid it becomes, and when they are not used, they atrophy.

As an example, consider someone who is addicted to food, alcohol, drugs or cigarettes. Turning to these substances when the person is under some sort of stress becomes a familiar habit because this neural pathway has become well worn and so the brain automatically uses what is more easily accessible instead of seeking out an alternative.

In such a situation, the person has generally forgotten how to feel fulfilled, how to feel joyful and alive without turning to substances. They have forgotten how to cope with challenges and how to overcome difficulties effectively, because these neural pathways are rarely used.

Fortunately, the brain is ever-changing and new pathways can easily be created. To do this in a Theta Healing session we decide what neural pathways would support the client and then ‘download’ those feelings.

For someone with depression we might download feelings like—I know what it feels like to be happy, I know what it feels like to  live without anxiety and I know what it feels like to enjoy life—and this creates a new neural pathway.

It should be noted also, that many people do not know what it feels like to be happy or joyful because due to life circumstances they may have never experienced  such things. By connecting with Source/the Creator/All That Is, we access the feelings of joy and happiness at their highest potential and then teach the cells what these things feel like and so a new neural pathway is born.

Choosing the pathways the client might like to build takes only 5 or 10 minutes, and ‘downloading’ these feelings takes only a few minutes. The results are instant and life-changing and take place at a cellular level.

This is fantastic for addictions, phobias, lack of self-esteem and illness as well as helping to learn new skills, gain confidence enhance intuition and so on. The sky is the limit.

Next month in Part Three – Connecting with All That Is will be discussing the Theta brainwave state and how energetic healing takes place as well as our connection to Source.

How can Theta Healing help you?

Theta Healing can help you release limitations and improve aspects of your health, relationship, finances, spirituality and life in general. From addictions, phobias and weight issues to gaining confidence, developing intuition or specific skills and allowing greater joy and abundance into your life.

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Beliefs Become Reality

brainTheta Healing – Part One of Three

You may have heard of Theta Healing yet not actually know what it is, how it works or how it might be of benefit to you so over the next few months I will be presenting a three part feature on this amazing healing modality.

There are various elements to Theta Healing which is why I have chosen to divide this subject into three segments. In this first we will be focusing on a technique known as Belief Work.

These days more and more people are becoming aware that thought creates reality, they have heard of the law of attraction and understand that the ‘vibes’ they send out to the world around them have an impact on what they attract into their lives.

I’m talking about more than just positive thinking here—which is a little like putting a band-aid on a broken leg. For example, someone who has experienced abuse as a child might suffer from depression as an adult and thinking positive thoughts might help to lift a person’s spirits temporarily, but it doesn’t address the deeper unresolved issue.

It’s these deeper issues that are sending out a ‘vibe’ or frequency that attracts similar energies which often brings more abuse, more depression and anything else that might resonate with that particular energy.

In this situation, belief systems have formed and been firmly planted in the mind and may include things like—I am not good enough, people always abuse me, I am not worthy of love, I am afraid of trusting people and so on.

Many turn to therapy and counselling which often tends to recycle these energies and can take years to bring any significant resolution.

How do you change this? How can you transform this energy easily?

That’s where Theta Healing can help.  By taking the client through a short simple exercise where we access the sub-conscious mind, we are able to intuitively access the ‘root belief’ that holds all the other related beliefs in place. The practitioner can then replace this belief with a more empowering one which allows a complete and total transformation of this energy. It happens very organically, is not stressful or confronting for the client and involves no forcing of energy or recycling the past.

The practitioner facilitates this shift by going into a Theta brain-wave state and connecting with Source/Creator and then connecting with the client – which automatically brings them into a deep meditative state – and this provides a relaxed, open and responsive environment for this graceful shift of energy.

In my classes I often talk about thoughts and beliefs being energy, and energy can be changed, transmuted, transformed, recreated and uncreated. And this ‘Belief Work’ technique transmutes that old unresolved energy instantly, allowing the client to experience a deep shift.

This alters their ‘vibe’ or frequency and reduces the possibility of recreating the old situation of abuse or depression etc. Then, when you add the other elements that are part of a Theta Healing session, you will see that this makes for a very powerful and successful healing modality.

Next month in Part Two – Pathways to Freedom we will be discussing the Theta technique of working with ‘Feelings’ or ‘Downloads’ which involves reconnecting the energetic pathways of the brain to help prevent old patterns repeating and to open up new potentials.

How can Theta Healing help you?

Theta Healing can help you release limitations and improve aspects of your health, relationship, finances, spirituality and life in general. From addictions, phobias and weight issues to gaining confidence, developing intuition or specific skills and allowing greater joy and abundance into your life.

Contact Keryn Lee to book your Theta Healing session 0408 857 620 or see website for more details.