Is that ‘Poverty Consciousness’ you’re wearing?


Do you worry over bills and expenses? Do you complain over the price of items you wish to buy? Do you believe that you have a limited amount of money to spend each week? Do you try to figure out how to find more work or a better paying job or some other effort that will bring in more money? Do you feel helpless to change your money situation?

Welcome to poverty consciousness.

It’s a game that we play with ourselves; much like an actor puts on a costume to assume a role for a movie. The difference is that that actor knows that it is not real. Humans, however, forget that they have taken on a role and continue to wear “poverty consciousness” as if they have no other choice.

Let me ask you this: are you an infinite being, a creator being, a divine soul? (Or whatever terminology you choose to use) Most people reading this would say yes. They have some awareness of themselves as being more than just a physical body. So would it not be correct to assume that as infinite beings we are limitless and . . . infinite. . . and therefore abundant? Our true nature is expansive and open and free. Yes?

That being so, then everywhere we create limitation we are shutting out who we truly are and we are assuming a role of restriction and therefore diminishing our greatness.

Poverty consciousness is not who you are. You are infinite.

Have you had enough of poverty consciousness? Have you had enough of lack and limitation? Are you willing to allow yourself to RECEIVE all of the abundance and love and joy and freedom that you desire?

Are you willing to honour yourself by paying whatever price necessary to have something you desire that will truly contribute to your life – without judging the price as high or low? Are you willing to let go of the lies that tell you that you must work harder to create more money? Are you willing to let go of the belief systems that put you into fear of your bills and expenses?

You can do this by starting each day with a question:

  • What else is possible?
  • What would it take for more money to show up?
  • What do I need to perceive, know, be or receive that will allow me to have total clarity and ease with money?
  • What will it take for me to receive different than I have before?

Don’t try to answer these questions. You are simply communicating to the universe your request for more possibilities. (Questions open up the energy, seeking answers shuts down the energy.)

Choose any question above, or all of them, and start saying them every day to open doorways that you have not yet been able to perceive because you were wearing your poverty consciousness coat and thought that reality was the only one available to you.

Playing with these questions will start to shift energy in your life. And what happens when we shift energy? CHANGE! So be ready to follow the energy, to act on what comes up and to do something different. Going into fear and refusing to change will simply bring you more of what you already have – and you’re done with that, right?

Remember, that 98% of the beliefs that you have about money are not even yours. You learned them from the people and the world around you as you grew up. Are you ready to let them go? Are you ready to take off that “poverty consciousness” costume and begin to honour yourself and receive the vast abundance that is waiting for you right now?

“Being in the Question” is a tool that comes from Access Consciousness. You can visit their website at Access Bars sessions are also a great way to release these belief systems and learn tools to enhance your life. Contact Keryn to book a session. 0408 857 620