Money and Prices as Energy

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Some time ago I read a post on Facebook where a lady was sharing her opinion about holistic practitioners raising their prices as an exercise of how high their self-worth is, and how this was nothing more than a materialistic, ego-motivated game.

Interesting Point of View.

I would like to share a different perspective and invite you to see money as energy, show you a way to invite more money into your life and offer tips on pricing your services for others because this point of view reflects the beliefs of many.

Over the past year or so I have increased my prices. I did this because I made a demand of myself to step into a new level of being and out-create anything I had ever done before. I chose to bring more joy and fun and expansion into my life and step into a new frequency of awareness and possibilities.

Raising my prices had nothing to do with my self-worth. I already had self-worth, I already valued the work I did with others, I already knew that I was an Infinite Being with a unique and valuable contribution to make to this world – as are each of you. So I did not raise my prices to make myself feel better. I did it to RAISE THE LEVEL OF AWARENESS AND POSSIBILITIES of my sessions and invite my clients to step up into a new energetic frequency – a frequency that offers a far greater potential for transformation.

If I lowered my prices to cater to someone who “couldn’t afford it” what I am doing is playing their game of being a victim and pretending that person is not capable of creating and generating something different in their life.

 As Infinite Beings we all have the ability to make new choices. So by raising my prices I now hold an energy frequency whereby others must step a little out of their comfort zones to reach. Isn’t this what change is all about? If you stay within your comfort zone and just expect someone else to do some magical healing on you we really aren’t changing anything at all.

I heard of a lady who offers the same 90 minute session at 3 different prices:  Beginners Change $95, Moderate Change $180 and Megaton of Change $250. The client chooses the price they desire and those that choose the latter literally receive a greater level of transformation. Why is that? Because they CHOSE to have that level of change. They chose to step up and receive what else was possible within that particular frequency.

Let’s do a little energy exercise:

Imagine energy coming to you from all corners of the universe. See it flowing to you, more and more. And notice what direction it comes from. Does it come from in front, behind, above, the sides?

Keep flowing it in . . . more and more.

Now change this energy into money.

What happened? Well, for most of you the money would have become solid and blocked the flow. Why is that? It’s because of all the judgments and points of view that you have about money. We make these points of view significant and solid and real which blocks the flow of energy and limits our receiving.

The direction in which energy flows to you shows HOW you are willing to receive, and where you have not been receiving. For example, when money flows to you front in front of you it means you hope money will come in the future. From the sides means you believe you must work for your money, from above means you believe spirit will provide for you and from behind means it comes from the past (which is the only place we have ever had money and includes past lives).

What if you were willing to receive from all directions simultaneously? What if you just pulled in energy from every corner of the universe knowing that the universe is so vast that the energy can never run out? (Play with this exercise of pulling in energy each day and see what shows up.)

An exercise to clear judgments about money:

Imagine a huge pile of money in front of you, and see it clouded by all of the points of view and judgments and beliefs and conclusions that you have about money. (Eg. Money doesn’t grow on trees, you have to work hard for money, money isn’t easy to come by, rich people are greedy etc.) You don’t have to know what all the beliefs are, just have an awareness of all this being stuck to the money.

Now, in your imagination, separate that cloud of beliefs etc from the actual paper money. Pull them apart and divide them into two piles. One pile is the money, the other pile is the cloud of beliefs and judgments.

Then notice that the cloud of beliefs no longer has anything to attach to, it begins to dissipate into nothingness. You can imagine this happening in any way that feels right to you. Once done you will see nothing left but a pile of money (which you may notice now feels lighter).

Acknowledge that this money is just paper which is just energy, yet we judge money based on our belief systems. It’s these judgments and beliefs that block our receiving and cause people to think that they cannot afford something. It has nothing to do with the actual price of the service or product.

If you had no point of view about money you would simply receive everything you desired and required. No limitations.

(Repeat this exercise any time you’re feeling stuck around money.)

Now let’s look at this from the perspective of a business.

In my business I ask each service or product what price it would like to be. I ask what would be fun for me to charge and generally I have to stretch my comfort zone a little bit to accommodate that. That stretch encourages me to step up my energy, to not get lazy or complacent, to keep raising my personal frequency and continue creating a greater space for transformation for my clients.

Most people will look at prices and make a judgment or conclusion about whether they can afford it based on their belief systems. Instead, I invite you to go beyond the numbers and feel the energy of what is being offered. Ask if you are ready for this level of change. Ask if this is the person that can best assist you at this time. Ask if this service will provide the level of transformation that you require at this time.

If you just look at a price tag and say “It’s too expensive” you are using money as an excuse for not creating change in your life. Money is just energy.

There is no right or wrong here, you may not desire change right now and that’s perfectly fine. However, be aware that if you blame money you are not being honest with yourself. Instead, what generally happens is:

We make a judgment about the practitioner or their pricing as a way to make ourselves right for not choosing that service.

This is because most people function from judgment not awareness.

It doesn’t matter if someone charges $50 or $500 or $5000; it’s never actually about the money. It’s about the level of change that we are willing to receive. So be aware of your reaction to the price of things, notice the judgments that come up. Ask yourself what you are resisting right now. Ask what point of view you are functioning from. Ask yourself if your judgment is actually true or if it is just an interesting point of view. Play with this and start to see what is going on below the surface.

I suggest reading this blog a few times and each time you will gain more awareness and gain insights that you did not see the first time. Practise pulling energy into your life, become aware of the judgments you have about money and if you have a business, start asking your services or products what price they would like to be, how they would like to be presented, how you can contribute to them etc. This will help you go beyond the limited societal views regarding money.

Keryn Lee is an Access Bars Facilitator, Theta Healing Practitioner and Empowerment Teacher but more than anything she considers herself a Transformation Specialist. Visit her website for more information about her sessions and classes or contact her on 0408 857 620 or

The first “energy exercise” in this article was loosely adapted from Gary Douglas’ How to Become Money Workbook. More info at 

Creating Change with Bodies

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Have you ever considered how much our judgments, beliefs, emotions and points of view determine the shape, health and the deterioration of our bodies?

We know that everything is energy, including our bodies, and while objects around us appear solid they are actually molecules and space. Our bodies are also intimately subjected to our thoughts and belief systems which means they are very dynamic. They bleed and heal, they break and mend, they generate and degenerate, and since seeing the results of clients who have benefited from the Access Energetic Facelift™ I am seeing facial features change in the space of a 90 minute session. I have witnessed the tightening of skin, lessening of lines, faces becoming more plump and radiant instead of drawn and tired.  And while I may be beginning to sound like a beauty product commercial, that is not my point here; the point is the amazing capacity that our bodies have for change and how much our beliefs and points of view contribute to that.

If we believe in the deterioration and degeneration of bodies (which is entrained into our society) then that is what we create. So without questioning that, we slap on anti-aging products and accept that it’s all downhill from here.

Anytime you look in a mirror you affirm these points of view as well as judgments about being too fat, too thin, too ugly, too short, too weak and so on, and over time we lock our bodies into that particular reality. The crazy part is that most of our beliefs did not originate from us! They were absorbed from our parents and caregivers throughout our childhood.

The Access Energetic Facelift™ offers so much potential for change, not just in our faces, but our bodies and our lives, because they are all interrelated. The more you receive this body process the more dynamic the benefits and it is said that after 20 sessions the results can be permanent.

What I, and many others have found, is that you also begin to develop a deeper connection with your body. You feel more kindness and caring towards yourself and become more present in your body. So, along with this wonderful body process, here are some tips for creating more kindness and change with your body:

  1. Avoid mirrors for a week

We don’t realise just how much of our lives are spent judging our bodies and how much we project these judgments onto ourselves until we turn our back on the mirrors and start to feel our bodies instead of looking at them. If you need the mirror to apply make-up or do your hair, do it quickly and just focus on the task at hand rather than how you look. If you notice a judgment pop in use tip no. 4 listed below.(This exercise is just to give you an idea of how much we judge ourselves through mirrors and what it feels like not to do that. After this week, use the mirror again and use tip no 4 below to clear all the judgements.)

  1. Eyes closed in the shower/bath

This may sound ridiculous and obviously you may need to open your eyes momentarily to grab the shampoo bottle and not mix it up with the conditioner bottle, but for this exercise spend as much of your shower/bath time as is possible (and safe) with your eyes closed. What this does is it stops you projecting outwards and brings your focus onto your body so you notice how you feel rather than how you look. It’s a really interesting exercise to do and you may also notice how much of your time is spent focused on external things instead of actually developing a relationship and deeper connection with your body.

  1. Connection Points

As often as possible become aware of your body. If you’re sitting, bring your focus onto 3 points where your body connects to something solid, i.e. bum on chair, feet on floor and back against chair. If you’re standing you could use feet on floor, one hand on chest, one hand on belly.

Then take a deep breath, close your eyes and feel these points of connection. This will help to keep you grounded and centred and bring your awareness back into this now moment rather than what you could, would, should be doing.

  1. Interesting Point of View

This is a wonderful tool from Access Consciousness that you can use every time you notice yourself making judgments about your body or yourself. Simply say (to yourself or aloud) “Interesting point of view, I have that point of view”. Repeat a few times.

This statement will stop you from aligning and agreeing, or resisting and reacting to the judgment which will prevent you from making it significant, real or solid in your life.

  1. Gratitude for You

Each day, find one thing that you are grateful TO YOURSELF for. This will help you begin to see yourself from a space of kindness and appreciation rather than judgment.

  1. Body Processes

The Access Energetic Facelift™ and the Access Bars® are amazing body processes that complement each other beautifully. Your body learns how to receive kindness and caring as well as opening up possibilities for radical change in your body and your life.

What would it take for you to receive kindness and caring for you?

What else is possible for your beautiful body?



Keryn Lee is an Access Bars Facilitator, Access Energetic Facelift™ Practitioner and Theta Healing Practitioner. More information is available at her website. Or contact her on 0408 857 620