What if there were no right or wrong?

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In our world, wars are fought over one religion being right and another wrong. Governments are formed on right and wrong policies. Arguments are based on making someone else wrong so that we can be right. It’s not logical and often not cognitive but we choose such behaviours to validate an inner wrongness we feel because of stored beliefs like “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t deserve”.

This creates a dichotomy because when we judge something as right or wrong it creates separation (instead of oneness) and then we have two polar opposites that we either align and agree with or resist and react to. This sets up a constant tug-of-war in which nothing else can exist because we are functioning from polarity and have therefore concluded that something is either right or wrong and this will colour our daily experiences.

This polarity happens every time we judge ourselves as right or wrong, good or bad, fat or thin, mean or kind, smart or stupid, ugly or beautiful, and at some level we have concluded and decided that this way of being is real so it locks us into a no choice universe where nothing else can exist except that conclusion.

If there were no polarity, if there were no right or wrong, we would always be in a space of allowance and choice, and this allows us to discover what else is possible.

Interesting Point of View

A simple tool from Access Consciousness that I have mentioned in other posts bears repeating:

Every time you notice you are judging yourself, judging something, judging someone else or someone is judging you say “Interesting Point of View” and repeat a couple of times.

This helps to neutralise the polarity. You are not aligning and agreeing with the judgement, nor are you resisting or reacting to it. You literally have no point of view about it.

Running Bars®

Another great way to neutralise the charge of polarity is to have your Bars® run. This refers to the Access Bars® modality that uses 32 points on the head in which to release all of the points of view, beliefs, feelings, emotions and limitations that are stored in the head. It’s like deleting files on your hard drive and the more you do this the more dynamic it becomes.

When you are no longer functioning from old, stuck energies that have accumulated throughout a multitude of lifetimes you start to become you again. You can be more present in the moment and able to make clear choices and invite greater possibilities instead of rerunning old programs.

The bonus here is that the more you clear the more space opens up for others to change as well.

What would it be like to stop making yourself wrong? What would it be like to make decisions with ease because you know there is no right or wrong answer, just the possibility of choosing different experiences? What would it be like if we could truly be ourselves and in so doing could change the world?

Will you join me?

Until next time, Beautiful Beings . . .

Keryn Lee
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