Tarot Readings for Personal Empowerment

shuffleIt is often expected that Tarot readings are solely about predicting future events which can be daunting if there are fears and doubts about one’s future, and disempowering if a person simply expects a Tarot reader to tell them what to do.

To me, the Tarot is a wonderful tool for healing and transformation. It is a visual depiction of various elements of a client’s life that can be used to discover what lies beneath the greatest challenges and what potentials are available to create the best outcomes.

A Tarot reading is a road map based on your life, a Tarot reader is your travel guide, but YOU always remain the driver.

A good Tarot reading should empower you to make choices based on the information revealed. You are invited to see the pitfalls and potholes before you reach them and envision possibilities that you may not have previously imagined.

Remember, that nothing is ever set in stone. Too often people hold desperately to a belief in “destiny” and then WAIT . . . and wait . . . . and wait . . . for the Universe/God/Angels etc to provide them with a better job or a loving relationship or improve their lives. In doing so, you are failing to acknowledge yourself as a creator being who has the tools, the freewill and the ability to create all that you desire.

Therefore, on this roadmap we call a Tarot reading, you get to see where you are right now, what has lead you to this point, and where you can get to from here. With this information, all is required is that you take a step toward your desired destination. One step can truly change your reality.

Are you disempowering yourself by WAITING for destiny to fix your life, or are you ready to be empowered and CREATE your own destiny?

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