Beyond Affirmations into Soul Passion

abundance2Have you ever noticed how hard you have to work at affirmations and how you don’t always get what you want?

That’s because affirmations work on the understanding that thought creates reality and that’s true to a point, but it’s not the only way we create our reality. The problem with creating via thought is that thought comes from the mind and the mind is very limited. It is easily influenced by other people, belief systems, society, expectations, trauma and myriad of other things all of which influences our ability to know our true soul desires and create what is truly important to us.

When we understand how energy really works and when we create from our soul passion we take conscious creating to a whole new level – one that goes beyond the limited mind.

Here’s a couple of important points:

  • Most people think that everything is energy. I would say that everything is energy EXCEPT YOU. Yes, your physical body is energy, but at your core you are consciousness.
  • Energy remains in a neutral state until it is activated by consciousness.
  • You are consciousness and therefore you have the ability to direct energy. This is how we create and by default much of this goes on at a subconscious level, but as we awaken to who we really are we become conscious creators.

When we break everything down into energy and consciousness creating becomes extremely simple. Firstly, you feel into the passion of your soul. How do you do that? By following your passion, by doing things you love, by creating our own expression. E.g. Gardening, cooking, painting, writing, singing – anything you do through the expression of your body, mind and spirit that absorbs you and makes you feel fulfilled in some way.

This connection gives you an idea of what is truly important to you in your life and not what others say or expect of you. E.g. if you wish to create a bigger, grander house to match your neighbours new mansion then you are not in alignment with your soul, that is a false perception of fulfilment.

Next you do some Conscious Breathing. This is where you focus on the breath and breathe deeply into your belly. This gets energy flowing. When energy is stuck it causes imbalances, drama, illness etc. When energy flows it is better able to serve you and your creations.

Then you simply allow life to come to you. We have learned to struggle and work hard to achieve what we want. Instead of battling to climb that mountain and receive your reward at the top, what if you simply stood still and allowed the reward to come to you? The human mind struggles with this because you are programmed to work hard, but remember, energy is here to serve you. You are consciousness and energy is waiting for your command.

If you trust yourself and allow your soul passion to shine into your life you will find that everything you need comes to you, often before you even know you need it. It’s just there. No struggling required. No mind games and affirmations, just you and your soul opening into a new level of consciousness.

If you are struggling with this concept or not sure what your passion is or how to open up to a deeper soul connection then start with the Conscious Breathing to get your energy flowing and deepen your soul connection. You can get a FREE 17 page E-BOOK titled The Ins and Outs of Conscious Breathing by joining my mailing list (which you can do by emailing me or visiting my website).

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