Choosing in each 10 Seconds


What is it that you truly desire to do or be? What makes your heart sing and your body tingle? Are you doing that in your life now? If you are, what else is possible to take this to the next level? And if you’re not, what stops you from doing or being that?

Too often we allow our fears and doubts to limit our full potential. We are also subjected to the points of view of others and buy into their stories and then use that as an excuse not to step into new and exciting possibilities.

Often the people around us live inside a box of limitations and when you try to step out of the box it makes them feel uncomfortable so they try to pull you back – for your own good, of course.

Take a good look at the box they are living in. By this I mean the ways they limit themselves and what they have created as their reality – are they living the life of their dreams? Probably not – so why would you take the slightest notice of their opinions?

If it’s not other people, then perhaps it’s the voices in your own head. Are you limiting yourself due to a box you have put yourself in and convinced yourself that it’s more secure or easier? This is a distorted perspective because we have to sacrifice who we are and what we truly desire for a false ideal of security. It’s really just familiarity.

When we step outside of our comfort zones we have the chance to create something entirely new. The mind often worries that we will fail or do something wrong, but failure or wrongness is simply a judgement and these judgements are designed to validate the boxed-in reality we inhabit.

In Access Consciousness there is a tool known as Choosing in 10 Second Increments. Instead of agonising over a single choice and worrying if we will make the wrong choice and therefore often choosing not to change, we can simply make a new choice in each 10 seconds.

So you might say: I choose ease and joy . . . pause . . . I choose to create a new job . . . pause . . . I choose to be abundant . . . pause . . . I choose to have harmonious relationships . . . pause . . . I choose to have more ease in my body . . . and so on. Whenever you feel yourself going into the story, the drama, the worry, doubt and fear you simply make a choice, then another and another. It can be any choice that pops into your mind at the time, not the same choice over and over.

This literally rewires your neural pathways because it causes your brain to disconnect from the story and be in a space of brilliance and possibilities. It also takes the pressure off you to make one choice that is “right”. The more you stay in this space the more open you are to possibilities and the less inclined to fall back into old patterns.

Have fun playing with this tool, until next time . . .



If you had no judgement about failure or wrongness what future could you create?

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Judging Others – are those thoughts really yours?

energy fieldMost people reading this will have an awareness of themselves as the divine being that they are to some degree, and that they are existing in a human body in a dense reality that we call earth. At this point of awareness most people will seek to have love and compassion for others and see beyond human judgements.

So why then, do so many of us still find ourselves judging others? Why do we get that random thought that someone is “too fat” or “looks mean” or “too lazy” or whatever the thought may be, and then wonder, “Why did I think that?”

Did you ever stop to consider that those thoughts or judgements are not yours?

To explain that question I invite you to do this:

Take a deep breath and feel your spirit/beingness. Feel how big it is? Does it extend beyond your physical body?

Yes, of course it does. You are much more than just a physical body.

Now expand your awareness out about 5 metres. Is your spirit/beingness still in that space?


Do it again. Expand your awareness out about 100 metres, then 1000, then beyond your country, beyond the planet and so on. Are you still there? Is your spirit so expansive and connected that you are part of all things?


So is it not understandable then that you would naturally pick up on thoughts and feelings and beliefs that other people have?

We are all “psychic”. We all have the ability to sense who will be on the phone before it rings, or sense when someone is angry or sad without them telling you. We are sensual, feeling beings and this is a natural ability.

What is actually happening when you find these random judgements coming into your mind is that you are picking up on the beliefs and judgements that that person has about themselves. They are projecting “I’m not good enough”, “I’m too tall”, “I don’t have enough money” and so on. And we pick up on that thought and think that it’s our judgement of them.

We think that if something is in our head it is ours.

I invite you to alter this point of view.

Notice when you have random judgements of others. Send the thought back to them (its origin) and acknowledge them as the divine being that they are. It is their responsibility to deal with that energy, and by seeing them as they really are, beyond the physical body, you offer them a new potential of awareness that they can tap into.

This is a more honouring way to help others. Not by trying to save them or forcing them to change.

If you are someone who berates yourself for having judgemental thoughts when you think you should know better, you will now be able to see this from a different perspective.

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