Are you disconnected from your feelings and emotions?

feelings 2I meet a surprising number of people who are going through life “flat-lining”. This is a term I use to describe someone’s inability to feel any real depth of emotion. There are no wild highs or crappy lows, like most people have. They spend each day just going through the day to day motions of life.

“Depression” is a term sometimes used to describe this and if we define the root word “depress” we think of something being pushed down, lowered or dulled. And that is exactly what happens to varying degrees. Some people are clinically diagnosed with depression, while others may go through life seemingly quite happy on the surface, yet without any real passion or personal fulfilment.

An example of this could be a woman who marries and has children and over many years forgets her own personal dreams and goals to take care of her family. Life deals a few heavy blows and she learns to shut down emotionally and just get on with life. She does everything for everyone else and may be quite content with her family, but her own needs have taken a back seat to those around her.

This can happen for many reasons, from subconscious beliefs that she is not good enough and must therefore do things for others to be liked, or perhaps she has experienced some trauma and learned to push her feelings down to keep herself safe. No matter the reason, the most important thing is how to change this, and I offer some ideas below:

  1. Reconnecting with feelings and emotions

One of the simplest ways to do this is through Conscious Breathing. This is where you place your awareness on each breath as you breathe deep down into your belly. Keep your shoulders and chest fairly still as you allow the belly to rise like a balloon.

This method will seem too simple, but I constantly see students who take the time to practise this and are amazed by the results. It will get energy flowing through your entire body, which helps to clear blocks/stuck energy very organically – no forcing or manipulating . It grounds and centres you and connects you with your divinity.

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Try the following exercise to release blocked energy and reconnect with your feelings/emotions:

As you do the Conscious Breathing, just notice how you feel. If you feel nothing/depressed, then just allow yourself to sit there connecting with this nothingness/depression. Allow it to be ok to be like that (because most often we are taught to pretend we feel fine when we don’t). The more you stop fighting what is happening within you, the more easily the energy will begin to shift.

Just keep breathing and noticing how you feel. Notice if it changes or if some emotions come up.

Let’s say you notice some sadness. Just be aware of this sadness and as you breathe begin to allow this feeling of sadness to expand and become more. Fear may rise here because you have learned to push down your feelings, but remember it’s all just energy. Give yourself permission to do this and release this old pattern. Keep breathing and noticing how you feel. Eventually you will feel a shift take place.

You see, sadness, anger, grief etc are all just stuck energy and when you allow yourself to BE PRESENT and let the energy flow freely it will release the blocks quite easily. Yes, there may be other layers and emotions and feelings, but if you do this daily, you will see significant changes.

  1. Oxygenation and Rehydration

Firstly, dehydration can significantly contribute to depression, headaches and other problems, so be sure to drink plenty of pure water and avoid coffee and soft drinks.

Water also provides oxygen to the body and we need oxygen to survive – obviously. However, in this day and age we are deprived of life-giving oxygen through the state of the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. There are two other very simple and effective ways to increase oxygen intake:

The first is through Conscious Breathing, which we have already mentioned.

The second is through the use of Young Living pure, organic, unadulterated, therapeutic-grade essential oils. (I am listing this brand specifically because I have personally experienced these oils. I use them in my healing work, I know the efficacy of them and that they do not contain chemical fillers etc. Most other essential oils are aromatherapy-grade or perfume grade and do not have the same constituent availability and often contain chemicals. Be very aware about what you put on/in your body.)

Young Living Essential Oils transport oxygen through the body and contain sesquiterpenes that have the ability to go beyond the blood/brain barrier and deliver oxygen straight to the limbic system increasing the secretion of endorphins and stimulating the pineal and pituitary glands.

They also provide anti-oxidants and can raise the frequency of the body. For example, the human body itself is said to have a normal frequency range of 62MHz to 68MHz. Young Living’s Rose Oil has a frequency of 320MHz, Frankincense 147MHz and Lavender 118MHz. They therefore have the ability to significantly impact health and wellbeing and mood.

A few oils that are known to assist with depression are: Frankincense, Peppermint, Ylang Ylang and Jasmine. Plus Young Living have created a few unique blends like Hope and Joy and Valor. These oils can be diffused in a room or applied topically and have been a godsend for some of my clients.

For more information or to purchase oils please contact me on 0408 857 620 or email me at

  1. Belief systems

One of the biggest influences in the area of depression, lack of fulfilment and passion, and indeed all of our lives, is to do with our belief systems. Whether our beliefs come from family, friends, school, childhood experiences or traumatic events, they do shape our reality.

If you felt second best to an older sibling who was a high achiever, you probably have a belief system about not being good enough. Whether you are aware of it or not, this belief is like a computer program that runs in the background influencing all the other programs that are open on your computer, in other words, everything else that’s happening in your life from relationships to career to personal fulfilment.

Interestingly, belief systems can be quite simple to change. You may have heard that if you repeat affirmations for at least 21 days you can create a new behaviour or perspective, and this can happen. But most people aren’t that focused, it becomes tedious and boring to continually repeat something while wondering if it is actually going to work.

Theta Healing is one way to by-pass the tedium and effectively change your belief systems. You can learn to do Theta Healing yourself or go to a qualified Practitioner, and I highly recommend the later if you are unfamiliar with how this works. One simple Theta session can change dozens of beliefs and create new neural pathways to bring about new behaviours and eliminate unwanted ones. It can help you remember what it feels like to experience joy, to trust yourself, to express your feelings and to live without feeling that you are not good enough.

You will find more information about how Theta Healing works in the following articles on my blog: Beliefs create Reality, Pathways to Freedom and Connecting with All That Is.

There are solutions to depression, to feeling unfulfilled, disconnected or shut off from your feelings and emotions. If you’re ready for change contact me now.



Keryn Lee is a qualified and experienced Theta Healing Practitioner with thirty years experience as a healer and spiritual teacher. She is also an Access Bars Practitioner and Young Living essential oils consultant (member no 1610881).

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Beyond Affirmations into Soul Passion

abundance2Have you ever noticed how hard you have to work at affirmations and how you don’t always get what you want?

That’s because affirmations work on the understanding that thought creates reality and that’s true to a point, but it’s not the only way we create our reality. The problem with creating via thought is that thought comes from the mind and the mind is very limited. It is easily influenced by other people, belief systems, society, expectations, trauma and myriad of other things all of which influences our ability to know our true soul desires and create what is truly important to us.

When we understand how energy really works and when we create from our soul passion we take conscious creating to a whole new level – one that goes beyond the limited mind.

Here’s a couple of important points:

  • Most people think that everything is energy. I would say that everything is energy EXCEPT YOU. Yes, your physical body is energy, but at your core you are consciousness.
  • Energy remains in a neutral state until it is activated by consciousness.
  • You are consciousness and therefore you have the ability to direct energy. This is how we create and by default much of this goes on at a subconscious level, but as we awaken to who we really are we become conscious creators.

When we break everything down into energy and consciousness creating becomes extremely simple. Firstly, you feel into the passion of your soul. How do you do that? By following your passion, by doing things you love, by creating our own expression. E.g. Gardening, cooking, painting, writing, singing – anything you do through the expression of your body, mind and spirit that absorbs you and makes you feel fulfilled in some way.

This connection gives you an idea of what is truly important to you in your life and not what others say or expect of you. E.g. if you wish to create a bigger, grander house to match your neighbours new mansion then you are not in alignment with your soul, that is a false perception of fulfilment.

Next you do some Conscious Breathing. This is where you focus on the breath and breathe deeply into your belly. This gets energy flowing. When energy is stuck it causes imbalances, drama, illness etc. When energy flows it is better able to serve you and your creations.

Then you simply allow life to come to you. We have learned to struggle and work hard to achieve what we want. Instead of battling to climb that mountain and receive your reward at the top, what if you simply stood still and allowed the reward to come to you? The human mind struggles with this because you are programmed to work hard, but remember, energy is here to serve you. You are consciousness and energy is waiting for your command.

If you trust yourself and allow your soul passion to shine into your life you will find that everything you need comes to you, often before you even know you need it. It’s just there. No struggling required. No mind games and affirmations, just you and your soul opening into a new level of consciousness.

If you are struggling with this concept or not sure what your passion is or how to open up to a deeper soul connection then start with the Conscious Breathing to get your energy flowing and deepen your soul connection. You can get a FREE 17 page E-BOOK titled The Ins and Outs of Conscious Breathing by joining my mailing list (which you can do by emailing me or visiting my website).

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