Are you Committed to your Life?

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Are you truly committed to your life or do you have “back doors” and “escape routes”? I know that sounds unusual, however, if we are not truly committed to being here and committed to life and living we create all types of dis-harmony in our lives.

When we have experienced pain and suffering, when we have endured trauma and life’s difficulties we often give up hope and think that leaving would be easier. For some leaving may mean death, for others it may mean walking out on something, it depends on the situation. Resorting to an escape route is a way to avoid dealing with what is going on below the surface and at some level believing that we don’t have choice or the ability to change it.

Let’s look at the situation of chronic pain. Those who have suffered intense continual pain will know that there are moments when you are in that pain when dying may seem like the best option. Especially if you have tried over and over to “fix” the problem and nothing seems to work.

In my own life, pain was an issue for me and when I became aware of thinking that “dying would be easier”, I closed all my back doors and made a commitment to myself and to my life. I decided that no matter what happened, no matter how much pain, I would stay and be present in my life and not use pain as an excuse to avoid living.

Interestingly, this changed the situation dramatically, because I was willing to do whatever it takes to be present in my life. I was no longer energetically standing with one foot out the door in case things got so bad that I needed to escape.

While I hadn’t realised I had been doing this, and I certainly didn’t want to die, this energy had been running in the background. This is understandable when you consider how many lifetimes we have had where dying or escaping may have actually been the best option, and I wonder how much of that energy we still function from today.

Are your back doors open? Are you looking for an escape to avoid fully living your life?

You can choose to change this. Simply imagine closing all your back doors and choosing to be present in your life. Choose that no matter what shows up you will commit to life and living whatever that means. The shift this creates is quite amazing.

Until next time, Beautiful Beings . . .

Keryn Lee
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Show me the Magic!

magicIn our society we are taught to think of magic as a trick or illusion, as something extra-ordinary instead of a normal part of our everyday lives. If we consider that we are Infinite Beings, far more than just a human body, should it not be a natural state of being for us to create magic and awesomeness in our lives – everyday?

Absolutely! And where we get stuck is in the way we go about creating – from a place of limitation, judgement and a lack of belief in ourselves.

Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness, says “You have everything in your life that you have asked for and been willing to receive”. Read that statement again and allow yourself to feel into the essence of those words.

If you have asked for something and don’t have it, then your personal limitations and belief systems have prevented you from allowing it into your life.

One of the biggest problems is our judgements and expectations. The first thing most people do when we wake up in the morning is make a judgement (good or bad) about ourselves or our lives: I feel sick, I don’t want to go to work, I can’t wait to meet my friends today, I feel healthy or I feel depressed. All of these are judgements.

When we say or think such thoughts we OWN this point of view and make it more solid and real and then we continue to ACT out our current perception of sick, tired, happy or depressed because we just bought into that reality. And this solidness, this fixed reality, does not allow for the unlimited potentials that are also available to you.

Even if you wake up excited and happy, you still have an expectation and judgement about what that means which automatically limits it. You might have a fun or interesting day but it won’t necessarily be MAGIC – and wouldn’t it be great if that magic was part of your everyday life?

What if you woke up each morning and simply said, “How does it get any better than this?” This question (that comes from Access Consciousness) offers no judgement about your current circumstances yet creates a space for MORE.

In asking a question you are inviting the universe to answer. And the universe WILL answer – whether it takes seconds, hours, days, or even lifetimes because YOU just set the energy in motion.

Saying “I want more money”, or “I don’t want to feel depressed” will not invite the universe to respond, you will just end up with more of what you have.

Instead you might say, “What would it take for more money to show up?” or “What would it take to allow joy into my life”.

Do you feel the difference in the energy of these questions?

Asking questions can be done as often as you like throughout your day to keep expanding your current reality and allowing access to unlimited potentials. Remember, that this can bring change! So be prepared to step out of your current reality and be ready to receive!

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