What if there were no right or wrong?

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In our world, wars are fought over one religion being right and another wrong. Governments are formed on right and wrong policies. Arguments are based on making someone else wrong so that we can be right. It’s not logical and often not cognitive but we choose such behaviours to validate an inner wrongness we feel because of stored beliefs like “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t deserve”.

This creates a dichotomy because when we judge something as right or wrong it creates separation (instead of oneness) and then we have two polar opposites that we either align and agree with or resist and react to. This sets up a constant tug-of-war in which nothing else can exist because we are functioning from polarity and have therefore concluded that something is either right or wrong and this will colour our daily experiences.

This polarity happens every time we judge ourselves as right or wrong, good or bad, fat or thin, mean or kind, smart or stupid, ugly or beautiful, and at some level we have concluded and decided that this way of being is real so it locks us into a no choice universe where nothing else can exist except that conclusion.

If there were no polarity, if there were no right or wrong, we would always be in a space of allowance and choice, and this allows us to discover what else is possible.

Interesting Point of View

A simple tool from Access Consciousness that I have mentioned in other posts bears repeating:

Every time you notice you are judging yourself, judging something, judging someone else or someone is judging you say “Interesting Point of View” and repeat a couple of times.

This helps to neutralise the polarity. You are not aligning and agreeing with the judgement, nor are you resisting or reacting to it. You literally have no point of view about it.

Running Bars®

Another great way to neutralise the charge of polarity is to have your Bars® run. This refers to the Access Bars® modality that uses 32 points on the head in which to release all of the points of view, beliefs, feelings, emotions and limitations that are stored in the head. It’s like deleting files on your hard drive and the more you do this the more dynamic it becomes.

When you are no longer functioning from old, stuck energies that have accumulated throughout a multitude of lifetimes you start to become you again. You can be more present in the moment and able to make clear choices and invite greater possibilities instead of rerunning old programs.

The bonus here is that the more you clear the more space opens up for others to change as well.

What would it be like to stop making yourself wrong? What would it be like to make decisions with ease because you know there is no right or wrong answer, just the possibility of choosing different experiences? What would it be like if we could truly be ourselves and in so doing could change the world?

Will you join me?

Until next time, Beautiful Beings . . .

Keryn Lee
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Keryn Lee is an Intuitive Consultant and Healing Practitioner. She offers transformational Private Sessions to clients who are ready to create phenomenal change in their lives. Sessions available In Person, Online or Phone. Book Now on 0408 857 620 or keryn@kerynlee.com.au

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What does your Body want you to Know?




What messages is your body sending you? Do you have pain, illness, disease or physical problems?

If so, your body is speaking to you and too often we do not listen, or we pretend we don’t speak the same language.

The body begins with a whisper and will turn up the intensity in a bid to gain our attention. Some of us will ignore the messages and insist that our illness or pain is random, bad luck or a challenge sent from God/Universe. Others buy into judgmental points of view, focus on the wrongness of their bodies and try to find solutions to “fix” the so called problem. We do this until we discover a better way . . .

What if your body was simply asking you to listen?

What is your body telling you right now?

Do you have pain? An illness? Tingling and lightness? What awareness does your body have that you are not acknowledging? This doesn’t mean to try and figure it out, you’ve tried that already, right? It means to ask questions without seeking an answer.

Each day say Hi to your body and ask: Body, what do you know?

In so doing, you’re inviting more awareness to show up without expectation or time limits.

One day, after asking this question for a few days, I came across one of those big exercise balls at a friend’s house. When I sat on it my body tingled and was letting me know that this ball was a contribution to it in some way. So I bought my own and I use it to sit on when I am at my computer and sometimes during healing sessions. It allows my body to make micro-movements or stretch if required instead of sitting still all the time. (I asked and my body responded.)

In my work as a healing practitioner I see a multitude of physical complaints and over the years have experienced some of my own. I have learned how to ‘speak’ to bodies and teach my clients to do the same so that they can start listening to their body’s messages and create the space for infinite change.

While many of you know I work with Theta Healing and Access Bars as my two main modalities, you may not be aware that I also incorporate Access Body Processes into my sessions. There are over 60 of them and they are “hands on” energetic body processes that invite the body to heal itself. Since there’s too many to mention here I will share about just one of them:

Cellular Memory
This body process is great for scar tissue, anywhere you have had operations, accidents, broken bones and any trauma to the body. It literally unlocks the trauma in the cellular memory so the cell can return to it’s natural state. This creates so much more ease in the body as well as a space for healing.

I have used body processes with clients for things like the effects of radiation therapy, the aftermath of surgery, specific illnesses, eye problems, vertigo, fatigue, pain, detoxing, childbirth and much more, as well as for the pure joy that bodies experience when receiving a body process – there doesn’t have to be anything “wrong” to benefit from a session – and I have learned one thing:

Bodies LOVE Body Processes!
They lean in, and my hands seem to get stuck and don’t want to move because the body is so happy to be receiving such kindness and healing that it doesn’t want the session to end.

Too often our bodies are treated unkindly, they are judged and ridiculed, they are ignored and abused – and often we are the worst offenders. What would it be like to change that? What would it be like for your body to:

  • receive kindness and gratitude
  • be in a space of no judgment
  • get its energy flowing freely again
  • release pain and trauma and stuck energies
  • heal and rejuvenate at a cellular level
  • know that you are learning to listen to its whispers

No matter what you and your body have experienced in the past, or what you are going through right now, it can be changed. You can learn how to be aware of your body’s whispers and nuances so you can create a relationship that contributes to your whole life in the most amazing ways.

Body, what magic can you be today? 

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Body, would this be a contribution to you?

Most importantly, ask questions, you’ll be surprised at the wisdom of your body and also its willingness to be in partnership with you.
Until next time, Beautiful Beings . . .

Keryn Lee
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Keryn Lee is an Intuitive Consultant and Healing Practitioner. She offers transformational Private Sessions to clients who are ready to create phenomenal change in their lives. Sessions available In Person, Online or Phone. Book Now on 0408 857 620 or keryn@kerynlee.com.au

Discover the Secret to why DIETS don’t work and How to Get Off Dieting Merry-Go-Round Forever


You’ve probably tried every diet imaginable, heard endlessly about how much you should be exercising, and look in the mirror with any number of emotions from shame or disgust to disappointment and just feeling not good enough.

Every time you start another diet you hope you’ll lose weight and feel better about yourself, and this may work for a while, but inevitably you end up putting on even more weight and feeling like a total a failure!

It doesn’t have to be this way. I’d like to show you how to look at your weight and self-image issues from an entirely different perspective, one that will change your whole relationship with your body.

The Dieting Industry

The dieting industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and in 2015 alone $213 billion was spent on people trying to lose weight. Statistics indicate that only 5% of people on a diet actually lose weight which shows dieting is clearly inefficient, not to mention dis-heartening. If you spend that much money you want to see results, right? Yet this industry perpetuates its cycle by preying on the insecurities and lack of self-esteem as well as the guilt and shame that people, especially women, feel about their bodies and their size.

While diet clubs may be full of well-meaning people, the whole concept of focusing on food and exercise to lose weight misses the whole point of this issue. It’s like blaming a boat that’s anchored out at sea for rocking back and forth while failing to take into account the winds, the tides, the currents, the wake of other boats and other aspects that may affect the seas.

When we focus on what we weigh, limiting food intake or what foods we should or shouldn’t eat or how much we need to exercise we are focusing on the boat. Then we try to fix the boat to make it stop rocking, we might add stabilisers or try to redistribute weight in the boat, all of which will have very little influence on the rolling waves beneath it. That’s why diets don’t work – they focus on the boat and this distracts you from what’s really going on.

What lies below the surface?

When we are willing to take our focus off the weight and the food and the diets and actually listen to our bodies we gain more awareness about the underlying causes of weight gain that are hidden below the surface.

Here’s TWO of the main underlying influences that may affect your body and your weight:

  • Subconscious beliefs – these will override your conscious beliefs any day. They are deeply ingrained and act like a default setting so the mind can keep you in a state that it deems safe and comfortable, and for the mind that means as little change as possible. This is why people tend to repeat the same patterns and why dieting doesn’t work. Diets appeal to the conscious mind, not the subconscious. On the up-side, it is possible to change subconscious beliefs.
  • Judgements – this is one of the major influences of weight gain and it’s all about the judgements we pick up from others and that we perpetuate on ourselves. I have found that many people who carry excess weight are extremely sensitive to other people’s energies and therefore psychically pick up on their judgements and think these judgements are their own. They often feel too sensitive, tend to be “people pleasers” and put other people’s needs before their own. This too can be changed with some simple tools.

What can you do?

Your body is giving you subtle (and not so subtle) messages every moment of every day, and one of these messages can be weight gain or the inability to lose weight. Instead of acknowledging the wisdom of our body and what it’s trying to tell us, we complain about our size or what we look like and try another diet.

Tips to start to develop a new relationship with your body:

  • Stop judging yourself – stop seeing excess weight as a wrongness and instead ask, “What’s right about this that I’m not getting?” because ultimately your body is giving you all the clues, you just haven’t been taught how to listen. You are not wrong, your body is not wrong and if you ask this question every time you’re blaming and judging yourself you will start to open up the space for new possibilities and more awareness about what your body wants you to know. See every judgement as an interesting point of view and not something that you need to buy into.
  • Choice – instead of complaining about never being able to lose weight or trying over and over to do diets that you know don’t work, just make a clear choice about what you do desire. Every time you catch yourself thinking “I’m fat and useless” STOP, and make a new choice: “I used to think I was fat and useless but now I choose ease and joy with my body”. Notice that this is NOT an affirmation. You are not lying to your body and telling yourself that you are something that you may not be. You are making a new choice and this helps to create new neural pathways which will help you break free of your current default settings. You will be surprised how much change this can create if you do this often. Wake up each morning and say “I choose ease and joy with my body.”
  • Questions – asking questions always creates more space for awareness and possibilities. Making conclusions (I can never lose weight no matter how much I try) or judgements (I’m not good enough so I’ll always be fat) shut down the energies and limit the possibility for change. Some great questions to ask regularly are:
    • What else is possible?
    • What would it take for me to lose weight with ease?
    • What awareness am I refusing with this weight I am choosing?

(Don’t go looking for answers when you ask questions, just allow the awareness to show up seconds, days, weeks later and know that you are creating more space for different possibilities in your life- ask and you shall receive.)

Most importantly, know that you are an amazing, beautiful being. You are a unique and brilliant contribution to the planet and your special abilities and capacities (whether you see them yet or not) are a gift to the world. Thank you for BEING HERE, thank you for BEING YOU.

Are you ready to get off the Dieting Merry-Go-Round?

Keryn Lee is an Intuitive Consultant and Healing Practitioner. She offers transformational Private Sessions to clients who are ready to create phenomenal change in their lives. Sessions available In Person, Online or Phone. Book Now on 0408 857 620 or keryn@kerynlee.com.au

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How much do you LOVE your Stories?


When we have experienced pain and suffering, when we think we have failed or not been good enough and when we continue to see the wrongness of our lives we keep ourselves immersed in past events and circumstances and our futures are created from these past realities. So we end up with more pain, suffering and wrongness.

We have learned to righteously hold on to stories like: my father beat me as a child, my mother didn’t want me, I am/was an alcoholic, we were very poor, I was bullied at school, I witnessed something I’ve had to keep secret all my life, and so on, and we allow these stories to define who we are now.

We carry our wounds and battle scars like badges of honour, sometimes silently and sometimes sharing our suffering with others. We may seek attention or sympathy, we may be addicted to the drama or we may quietly punish ourselves by perpetuating the cycle and refusing to choose something different.

If we look back truthfully we can often see something that was gained from these experiences. The problem occurs when we make the story significant which makes it solid and real and the more we revisit it the more stuck we get.

Where your attention goes, energy flows, so if you hold on to an experience of abuse you stay in victim mode and therefore attract more abuse.

What would it be like if you never entertained your past stories again? What if a friend was telling you her about her boyfriend treating her badly and you DIDN’T share your horrible boyfriend story? What if you could just be there for her in that moment and not make any of it significant?

What if you feel bad about something you did in the past and instead of torturing yourself with the sense of wrongness or guilt you carry daily you could simply drop the story and set yourself free?

What difference will letting go of your past stories make? You get to create anew each and every moment of the day! How does it get any better than that?

How do you go about this? Well, it all comes down to choice. It’s about choosing to be present with you and your body right now. If you find your mind trying to link back to the past just Stop! and bring your awareness back to your body in this now moment.  Expand your energy out in all directions as you become aware of the Infinite Being that you are. Take a deep breath and instead of entertaining the past, make a new choice: I choose life. I choose freedom. I choose ease and joy. I choose ease with relationships. Choosing something different every time your mind wanders back to the past can create phenomenal change if you allow it.

Here’s an exercise you can do: expand your energy out in all directions and become aware of you the Infinite Being, and imagine your stories of the past as solid, perhaps like blocks of concrete, stuck to your body and as you expand and choose, watch these blocks begin to dissipate and fade into nothingness. Keep going and literally feel the energies of the past leaving the cellular memory of your body. This doesn’t mean you will forget the past; it will just begin to lose its charge and become less significant.

And then, you get to create from an energy, space and consciousness of infinite possibilities.



Keryn Lee is an Intuitive Consultant, Theta Healing Practitioner, Access Bars Facilitator, and Empowerment Teacher. Visit her website for more information about her sessions and classes www.kerynlee.com.au or contact her on 0408 857 620 or keryn@kerynlee.com.au

Choosing in each 10 Seconds


What is it that you truly desire to do or be? What makes your heart sing and your body tingle? Are you doing that in your life now? If you are, what else is possible to take this to the next level? And if you’re not, what stops you from doing or being that?

Too often we allow our fears and doubts to limit our full potential. We are also subjected to the points of view of others and buy into their stories and then use that as an excuse not to step into new and exciting possibilities.

Often the people around us live inside a box of limitations and when you try to step out of the box it makes them feel uncomfortable so they try to pull you back – for your own good, of course.

Take a good look at the box they are living in. By this I mean the ways they limit themselves and what they have created as their reality – are they living the life of their dreams? Probably not – so why would you take the slightest notice of their opinions?

If it’s not other people, then perhaps it’s the voices in your own head. Are you limiting yourself due to a box you have put yourself in and convinced yourself that it’s more secure or easier? This is a distorted perspective because we have to sacrifice who we are and what we truly desire for a false ideal of security. It’s really just familiarity.

When we step outside of our comfort zones we have the chance to create something entirely new. The mind often worries that we will fail or do something wrong, but failure or wrongness is simply a judgement and these judgements are designed to validate the boxed-in reality we inhabit.

In Access Consciousness there is a tool known as Choosing in 10 Second Increments. Instead of agonising over a single choice and worrying if we will make the wrong choice and therefore often choosing not to change, we can simply make a new choice in each 10 seconds.

So you might say: I choose ease and joy . . . pause . . . I choose to create a new job . . . pause . . . I choose to be abundant . . . pause . . . I choose to have harmonious relationships . . . pause . . . I choose to have more ease in my body . . . and so on. Whenever you feel yourself going into the story, the drama, the worry, doubt and fear you simply make a choice, then another and another. It can be any choice that pops into your mind at the time, not the same choice over and over.

This literally rewires your neural pathways because it causes your brain to disconnect from the story and be in a space of brilliance and possibilities. It also takes the pressure off you to make one choice that is “right”. The more you stay in this space the more open you are to possibilities and the less inclined to fall back into old patterns.

Have fun playing with this tool, until next time . . .



If you had no judgement about failure or wrongness what future could you create?

Keryn Lee is an Intuitive Consultant, Theta Healing Practitioner, Access Bars Facilitator, and Empowerment Teacher. Visit her website for more information about her sessions and classes www.kerynlee.com.au or contact her on 0408 857 620 or keryn@kerynlee.com.au

What are you making Significant?


When we make something significant in our lives we create a limitation and give it no space to change or evolve. Let me give some examples of this:

In our society we make ageing significant, we worry about lines and wrinkles and deteriorating eyesight and failing bodies. What if each day was just another day and we had no point of view about ageing? Would we still age at the same rate? No, we would not, because there would be no judgements and beliefs to hold the concept of ageing in place, there would be nothing shaping that reality, so we would be free to create something completely different.

Another example of significance might be a person who causes dis-harmony in your world, perhaps a family member who is always interfering in your life. And every time you have a family gathering you worry about how to handle this person and stress about the chaos they will cause. You might complain to others about it leading up to the event, lose sleep over it, consider not going and feel more and more stressed as the family gathering approaches. Do you see how you have made this person significant and therefore given them power over you?

What if this person was just an Interesting Point of View? What if you had no judgement about the drama they created? What if you just didn’t make it significant at all? Do you see how you would no longer be giving away your power to something outside of yourself?

Another perhaps less obvious way we make things significant is this: Let’s say you think you have the perfect relationship, yet in truth it may not be ‘perfect’ because often we ‘pretzel’ ourselves to fit our ideal of what a relationship should be anyway, and in concluding its so called perfection we actually limit the possibility for change and expansion.

If you approach your relationship with no significance you might say, “My relationship is great today,” and then ask “What else is possible with this relationship?” and continually be in the space of expansion and new possibilities, that way the relationship will never be stuck in your perception of ‘perfect’ and it can continue to evolve.

The best way to stop making things significant is to first be aware that you are doing it. Just reading this article may already have you thinking about a few areas of your life that you have made significant, and once you realise that you can change it.

To do this you can use the Interesting Point of View tool from Access Consciousness. Every time you notice yourself making something significant, when you are going into the drama, or when you are creating a limitation through judgements and conclusions you simply say:

“Interesting Point of View. I have that Point of View.”

Say this over and over a few times to release the charge of energy you have around the issue. This helps you to come out of judgement and creates much more ease and peace in your life.

What if you used this tool when looking at current political events? We can rail about this unfairness and that injustice, but what if we look at it all as just an Interesting Point of View. And what if current circumstances on earth were just a way to facilitate change and by having no judgement about them we can create more expansion instead of trying to fit ourselves into an old box that no longer serves humanity.

What if you kept asking “What else is possible with this?” and what if that simple question opened up new possibilities for you and me and the entire planet?

Are you willing to notice where you are making judgements and conclusions and simply allow it to be an Interesting Point of View?

Keryn Lee is a Theta Healing Practitioner, Access Bars Facilitator, Tarot Reader and Empowerment Teacher. Visit her website for more information about her sessions and classes www.kerynlee.com.au or contact her on 0408 857 620 or keryn@kerynlee.com.au

What Abilities are you Hiding?



What abilities and capacities are you hiding that if you didn’t hide them anymore would allow you to recognise a unique talent that you have?

Often when I do healing sessions with clients something will come up in relation to a past life and I usually get an image or feeling that gives me information relevant to whatever has been keeping them stuck in a particular situation. This is not unusual to me because it’s part of a healing session where I receive lots of information that you normally would not know about a person.

However, some time ago I began to notice that when I see people stroll down the street or wander past me in shopping centres I have an instant recognition of one of their past lives. I think I’ve actually been doing this for quite a while but have just ignored the information as trivial. I mean, it wasn’t part of a healing session where people choose to receive this information, so what was I going to do? Run up to strangers and say, “Hey, guess what? You were Joan of Arc in a past life!”

As I’ve become more consciously aware of doing this my first response was to make myself wrong and tell myself to stop judging other people. And when I considered telling a friend what I was seeing it seemed ridiculous because the energy of that past life was so obvious to me that I thought they’d say, “Duh! Anybody can see that!”

One day, near my home, I saw an old woman crossing the road. She was slightly stooped, dressed in black from head to toe, and her matching hat had one single red flower that stood out against the darkness. I could feel that underneath the dark, slightly burdened exterior was a sense of childlike joy and a simplistic view of life. Overlaying that image I saw her in a different time. She carried a basket of flowers that she was to sell at a market. She was much younger and brightly dressed. There was an exuberance and lightness to her being. I could see how this lightness was a supporting energy in this lifetime which was a much harder situation for her to bear. It made me feel honoured to know this about her and I asked myself, “Why are you making this a wrongness? What if this is a unique capacity? Why are you hiding it? Why are you refusing to play with it?

So I started to ask questions. Am I actually seeing a past life or am I just making this up? Can I choose to receive this information about anyone or does this just happen randomly?

To test it out I thought of someone I knew well and tuned in to their energy. Straight away I became aware of a past life of theirs, so I repeated this with another person. Then I picked a random person from a news story, then another, and continued to play.

After a while I thought, “Well, that was fun, but what’s the point of all this?” If this is a capacity, a talent that I have, what do I do with it?

So I went back to my friend and the past life I first saw her in and really felt into the energy. This time I began to “translate” that energy and I realised that seeing the past life was just the first layer. As I went deeper I began to unravel the energies and draw out more detail. I discovered why that past life was relevant to now, how she used these abilities in her life and where she could sometimes get stuck. Most importantly, I saw the underlying energy that she functioned from, almost like a driving energy, something that was inherently part of her being.

Since then I have used this ability in sessions with a few regular clients and also with a few willing friends which has enabled me to get feedback, and as they asked questions it has pushed me to discover more. What I have found is that people often have an instant recognition of the past life I tune into and how it impacts them today which can be quite emotional. There was a client who now has an explanation for a childhood event where she reacted to a situation in a way that was completely out of character and upon learning about her past life can now see the reason for this.

At this point, it seems that the past life I tune into is fundamental to the person. It’s a core energy that they function from in this lifetime and is probably connected in some way to what some might call their “life purpose”. It can uncover why they feel passionate about something and why they are drawn to do certain things.

As I play with this ability and allow it to grow I have come to see it as a capacity not a wrongness, and I’m now willing to consider what else might be possible with this instead of hiding it.

Take a moment to look at your own life. What capacity do you have that you have taken for granted? Something that is so simple for you that you negate its brilliance, perhaps something that you have made wrong or ignored in some way?

If you’re not sure what that might be, ask this question each day and see what shows up:

“What capacity do I have that if I would acknowledge it would contribute to my life and the lives of others?

As you do this, you’re asking the Universe to show you the possibilities.

Once you have an awareness of your unique ability, ask questions. What else is possible here? What can I do with this? How will this contribute to my life? And start to play with it.

We all have many talents and abilities, yet sometimes we get stuck in the mediocrity and sameness perpetuated by a society that only wants us to fit in. And we forget how awesome we are.

Change your Brain, Change your Life


A few years ago I decided to take some horse riding lessons. I hadn’t ridden for over 35 years but it was something I had loved to do in my childhood and wanted to experience again.

My first lesson was a disaster. Although I remembered the basics of how to ride a horse and was excited about doing this, many old memories from those early years where I’d fallen off or had a frightening experience came back to haunt me and to put it plainly, I was terrified. Of course, the horse could sense this and behaved erratically to the point where my instructor told me she had never seen him act this way before.

Feeling somewhat disappointed I drove home through the winding hills and started to formulate ideas about how I could change this. As a Theta Healing practitioner I had often used this modality to help others with fears and phobias, to improve skills and abilities and just about anything that creates dis-harmony in people’s lives or bodies, and I wondered what might be possible in this situation.

Prior to my next riding lesson, which was a week later, I did some Theta Healing on myself to release the past fears and memories that were hi-jacking my riding experience, and basically reprogrammed my brain to know what it felt like to be a confident, skilled rider and to have fun and be at ease on the horse.

The next lesson was completely different. I felt much calmer and more relaxed. I performed all the tasks with ease and confidence and was thoroughly enjoying myself when my flabbergasted instructor said. “I don’t know what you’ve done, but in all my years of teaching I have never seen anyone improve so much in one week.”

Needless to say, I drove home through those hills feeling exhilarated and very pleased with myself. It showed me once again, just how simple it can be to bring about change in our lives. Too often we are taught to believe that change must be difficult or take place over a long period of time and the mind plays such a huge part in this.

In the following weeks I occasionally used Theta Healing to “tweak” anything that came up during my riding lessons so that I could fine tune my horse riding experience and create even more ease and joy. My instructor continued to be amazed at my progress.

This example shows the amazing capacity that we have to actually change what’s going on in the brain. Theta Healing is one method that can be used to do this. It’s a non-invasive energy healing modality that incorporates quantum physics and the movement of energy, atoms and physical particles in order to allow the body the conditions it needs to heal. In my case I was able to release past trauma associated with horses and horse riding and create new neural pathways so that I already knew how to have the skills and abilities and confidence needed, often even before I knew that I needed them.

To explain this more fully, I once used Theta Healing to program myself to know how to deal with a particular issue should it ever arise with any of my clients, even though it never had come up before. It was like adding another tool to my toolbox so that I was prepared for anything. Over the coming few days I had some relevant information appear out of the blue and then three clients show up with this exact issue. Each case was handled with ease as if I already knew how to do what I had to do, and in a way I did because my brain believed that it did, even though it had never physically happened before.

More and more scientific research is validating the theory that thoughts create our reality and scientists such as Dr Bruce Lipton have discovered that our biology is not controlled by our genes/DNA as once thought. Instead, DNA is susceptible to signals from outside the cell such as the energetic messages from our positive and negative thoughts.

This means that if there is something that we would like to change in our lives, whether it is our health, relationships, finances, general wellbeing or riding a horse, then that change is possible.

Imagine the possibilities for students studying for exams, someone wanting to learn to speak a different language more easily, having more confidence with public speaking or driving a car, learning a new skill or improving psychic abilities. The list is endless and we are only limited by our imagination. What would you like to change, have, be or do? And what if it was possible?

Keryn Lee is a Theta Healing Practitioner, Access Bars Facilitator, Tarot Reader and Empowerment Teacher. Visit her website for more information about her sessions and classes www.kerynlee.com.au or contact her on 0408 857 620 orkeryn@kerynlee.com.au

Money and Prices as Energy

money wind

Some time ago I read a post on Facebook where a lady was sharing her opinion about holistic practitioners raising their prices as an exercise of how high their self-worth is, and how this was nothing more than a materialistic, ego-motivated game.

Interesting Point of View.

I would like to share a different perspective and invite you to see money as energy, show you a way to invite more money into your life and offer tips on pricing your services for others because this point of view reflects the beliefs of many.

Over the past year or so I have increased my prices. I did this because I made a demand of myself to step into a new level of being and out-create anything I had ever done before. I chose to bring more joy and fun and expansion into my life and step into a new frequency of awareness and possibilities.

Raising my prices had nothing to do with my self-worth. I already had self-worth, I already valued the work I did with others, I already knew that I was an Infinite Being with a unique and valuable contribution to make to this world – as are each of you. So I did not raise my prices to make myself feel better. I did it to RAISE THE LEVEL OF AWARENESS AND POSSIBILITIES of my sessions and invite my clients to step up into a new energetic frequency – a frequency that offers a far greater potential for transformation.

If I lowered my prices to cater to someone who “couldn’t afford it” what I am doing is playing their game of being a victim and pretending that person is not capable of creating and generating something different in their life.

 As Infinite Beings we all have the ability to make new choices. So by raising my prices I now hold an energy frequency whereby others must step a little out of their comfort zones to reach. Isn’t this what change is all about? If you stay within your comfort zone and just expect someone else to do some magical healing on you we really aren’t changing anything at all.

I heard of a lady who offers the same 90 minute session at 3 different prices:  Beginners Change $95, Moderate Change $180 and Megaton of Change $250. The client chooses the price they desire and those that choose the latter literally receive a greater level of transformation. Why is that? Because they CHOSE to have that level of change. They chose to step up and receive what else was possible within that particular frequency.

Let’s do a little energy exercise:

Imagine energy coming to you from all corners of the universe. See it flowing to you, more and more. And notice what direction it comes from. Does it come from in front, behind, above, the sides?

Keep flowing it in . . . more and more.

Now change this energy into money.

What happened? Well, for most of you the money would have become solid and blocked the flow. Why is that? It’s because of all the judgments and points of view that you have about money. We make these points of view significant and solid and real which blocks the flow of energy and limits our receiving.

The direction in which energy flows to you shows HOW you are willing to receive, and where you have not been receiving. For example, when money flows to you front in front of you it means you hope money will come in the future. From the sides means you believe you must work for your money, from above means you believe spirit will provide for you and from behind means it comes from the past (which is the only place we have ever had money and includes past lives).

What if you were willing to receive from all directions simultaneously? What if you just pulled in energy from every corner of the universe knowing that the universe is so vast that the energy can never run out? (Play with this exercise of pulling in energy each day and see what shows up.)

An exercise to clear judgments about money:

Imagine a huge pile of money in front of you, and see it clouded by all of the points of view and judgments and beliefs and conclusions that you have about money. (Eg. Money doesn’t grow on trees, you have to work hard for money, money isn’t easy to come by, rich people are greedy etc.) You don’t have to know what all the beliefs are, just have an awareness of all this being stuck to the money.

Now, in your imagination, separate that cloud of beliefs etc from the actual paper money. Pull them apart and divide them into two piles. One pile is the money, the other pile is the cloud of beliefs and judgments.

Then notice that the cloud of beliefs no longer has anything to attach to, it begins to dissipate into nothingness. You can imagine this happening in any way that feels right to you. Once done you will see nothing left but a pile of money (which you may notice now feels lighter).

Acknowledge that this money is just paper which is just energy, yet we judge money based on our belief systems. It’s these judgments and beliefs that block our receiving and cause people to think that they cannot afford something. It has nothing to do with the actual price of the service or product.

If you had no point of view about money you would simply receive everything you desired and required. No limitations.

(Repeat this exercise any time you’re feeling stuck around money.)

Now let’s look at this from the perspective of a business.

In my business I ask each service or product what price it would like to be. I ask what would be fun for me to charge and generally I have to stretch my comfort zone a little bit to accommodate that. That stretch encourages me to step up my energy, to not get lazy or complacent, to keep raising my personal frequency and continue creating a greater space for transformation for my clients.

Most people will look at prices and make a judgment or conclusion about whether they can afford it based on their belief systems. Instead, I invite you to go beyond the numbers and feel the energy of what is being offered. Ask if you are ready for this level of change. Ask if this is the person that can best assist you at this time. Ask if this service will provide the level of transformation that you require at this time.

If you just look at a price tag and say “It’s too expensive” you are using money as an excuse for not creating change in your life. Money is just energy.

There is no right or wrong here, you may not desire change right now and that’s perfectly fine. However, be aware that if you blame money you are not being honest with yourself. Instead, what generally happens is:

We make a judgment about the practitioner or their pricing as a way to make ourselves right for not choosing that service.

This is because most people function from judgment not awareness.

It doesn’t matter if someone charges $50 or $500 or $5000; it’s never actually about the money. It’s about the level of change that we are willing to receive. So be aware of your reaction to the price of things, notice the judgments that come up. Ask yourself what you are resisting right now. Ask what point of view you are functioning from. Ask yourself if your judgment is actually true or if it is just an interesting point of view. Play with this and start to see what is going on below the surface.

I suggest reading this blog a few times and each time you will gain more awareness and gain insights that you did not see the first time. Practise pulling energy into your life, become aware of the judgments you have about money and if you have a business, start asking your services or products what price they would like to be, how they would like to be presented, how you can contribute to them etc. This will help you go beyond the limited societal views regarding money.

Keryn Lee is an Access Bars Facilitator, Theta Healing Practitioner and Empowerment Teacher but more than anything she considers herself a Transformation Specialist. Visit her website for more information about her sessions and classes www.kerynlee.com.au or contact her on 0408 857 620 or keryn@kerynlee.com.au

The first “energy exercise” in this article was loosely adapted from Gary Douglas’ How to Become Money Workbook. More info at www.accessconsciousness.com 

Creating Change with Bodies

body 2

Have you ever considered how much our judgments, beliefs, emotions and points of view determine the shape, health and the deterioration of our bodies?

We know that everything is energy, including our bodies, and while objects around us appear solid they are actually molecules and space. Our bodies are also intimately subjected to our thoughts and belief systems which means they are very dynamic. They bleed and heal, they break and mend, they generate and degenerate, and since seeing the results of clients who have benefited from the Access Energetic Facelift™ I am seeing facial features change in the space of a 90 minute session. I have witnessed the tightening of skin, lessening of lines, faces becoming more plump and radiant instead of drawn and tired.  And while I may be beginning to sound like a beauty product commercial, that is not my point here; the point is the amazing capacity that our bodies have for change and how much our beliefs and points of view contribute to that.

If we believe in the deterioration and degeneration of bodies (which is entrained into our society) then that is what we create. So without questioning that, we slap on anti-aging products and accept that it’s all downhill from here.

Anytime you look in a mirror you affirm these points of view as well as judgments about being too fat, too thin, too ugly, too short, too weak and so on, and over time we lock our bodies into that particular reality. The crazy part is that most of our beliefs did not originate from us! They were absorbed from our parents and caregivers throughout our childhood.

The Access Energetic Facelift™ offers so much potential for change, not just in our faces, but our bodies and our lives, because they are all interrelated. The more you receive this body process the more dynamic the benefits and it is said that after 20 sessions the results can be permanent.

What I, and many others have found, is that you also begin to develop a deeper connection with your body. You feel more kindness and caring towards yourself and become more present in your body. So, along with this wonderful body process, here are some tips for creating more kindness and change with your body:

  1. Avoid mirrors for a week

We don’t realise just how much of our lives are spent judging our bodies and how much we project these judgments onto ourselves until we turn our back on the mirrors and start to feel our bodies instead of looking at them. If you need the mirror to apply make-up or do your hair, do it quickly and just focus on the task at hand rather than how you look. If you notice a judgment pop in use tip no. 4 listed below.(This exercise is just to give you an idea of how much we judge ourselves through mirrors and what it feels like not to do that. After this week, use the mirror again and use tip no 4 below to clear all the judgements.)

  1. Eyes closed in the shower/bath

This may sound ridiculous and obviously you may need to open your eyes momentarily to grab the shampoo bottle and not mix it up with the conditioner bottle, but for this exercise spend as much of your shower/bath time as is possible (and safe) with your eyes closed. What this does is it stops you projecting outwards and brings your focus onto your body so you notice how you feel rather than how you look. It’s a really interesting exercise to do and you may also notice how much of your time is spent focused on external things instead of actually developing a relationship and deeper connection with your body.

  1. Connection Points

As often as possible become aware of your body. If you’re sitting, bring your focus onto 3 points where your body connects to something solid, i.e. bum on chair, feet on floor and back against chair. If you’re standing you could use feet on floor, one hand on chest, one hand on belly.

Then take a deep breath, close your eyes and feel these points of connection. This will help to keep you grounded and centred and bring your awareness back into this now moment rather than what you could, would, should be doing.

  1. Interesting Point of View

This is a wonderful tool from Access Consciousness that you can use every time you notice yourself making judgments about your body or yourself. Simply say (to yourself or aloud) “Interesting point of view, I have that point of view”. Repeat a few times.

This statement will stop you from aligning and agreeing, or resisting and reacting to the judgment which will prevent you from making it significant, real or solid in your life.

  1. Gratitude for You

Each day, find one thing that you are grateful TO YOURSELF for. This will help you begin to see yourself from a space of kindness and appreciation rather than judgment.

  1. Body Processes

The Access Energetic Facelift™ and the Access Bars® are amazing body processes that complement each other beautifully. Your body learns how to receive kindness and caring as well as opening up possibilities for radical change in your body and your life.

What would it take for you to receive kindness and caring for you?

What else is possible for your beautiful body?



Keryn Lee is an Access Bars Facilitator, Access Energetic Facelift™ Practitioner and Theta Healing Practitioner. More information is available at her website. www.kerynlee.com.au. Or contact her on 0408 857 620