What are you making Significant?


When we make something significant in our lives we create a limitation and give it no space to change or evolve. Let me give some examples of this:

In our society we make ageing significant, we worry about lines and wrinkles and deteriorating eyesight and failing bodies. What if each day was just another day and we had no point of view about ageing? Would we still age at the same rate? No, we would not, because there would be no judgements and beliefs to hold the concept of ageing in place, there would be nothing shaping that reality, so we would be free to create something completely different.

Another example of significance might be a person who causes dis-harmony in your world, perhaps a family member who is always interfering in your life. And every time you have a family gathering you worry about how to handle this person and stress about the chaos they will cause. You might complain to others about it leading up to the event, lose sleep over it, consider not going and feel more and more stressed as the family gathering approaches. Do you see how you have made this person significant and therefore given them power over you?

What if this person was just an Interesting Point of View? What if you had no judgement about the drama they created? What if you just didn’t make it significant at all? Do you see how you would no longer be giving away your power to something outside of yourself?

Another perhaps less obvious way we make things significant is this: Let’s say you think you have the perfect relationship, yet in truth it may not be ‘perfect’ because often we ‘pretzel’ ourselves to fit our ideal of what a relationship should be anyway, and in concluding its so called perfection we actually limit the possibility for change and expansion.

If you approach your relationship with no significance you might say, “My relationship is great today,” and then ask “What else is possible with this relationship?” and continually be in the space of expansion and new possibilities, that way the relationship will never be stuck in your perception of ‘perfect’ and it can continue to evolve.

The best way to stop making things significant is to first be aware that you are doing it. Just reading this article may already have you thinking about a few areas of your life that you have made significant, and once you realise that you can change it.

To do this you can use the Interesting Point of View tool from Access Consciousness. Every time you notice yourself making something significant, when you are going into the drama, or when you are creating a limitation through judgements and conclusions you simply say:

“Interesting Point of View. I have that Point of View.”

Say this over and over a few times to release the charge of energy you have around the issue. This helps you to come out of judgement and creates much more ease and peace in your life.

What if you used this tool when looking at current political events? We can rail about this unfairness and that injustice, but what if we look at it all as just an Interesting Point of View. And what if current circumstances on earth were just a way to facilitate change and by having no judgement about them we can create more expansion instead of trying to fit ourselves into an old box that no longer serves humanity.

What if you kept asking “What else is possible with this?” and what if that simple question opened up new possibilities for you and me and the entire planet?

Are you willing to notice where you are making judgements and conclusions and simply allow it to be an Interesting Point of View?

Keryn Lee is a Theta Healing Practitioner, Access Bars Facilitator, Tarot Reader and Empowerment Teacher. Visit her website for more information about her sessions and classes www.kerynlee.com.au or contact her on 0408 857 620 or keryn@kerynlee.com.au

What’s True For You?

decisions 2

How often have you had to make a choice or decision and felt overwhelmed, stressed or confused?

Today, I thought I would share a useful tool that can help you make decisions about what’s true for you at any given point in time. It will also help you gain more awareness of yourself and your body.

It’s called the Light and Heavy Tool and it comes from Access Consciousness.

All you do is “ask a question” – which helps to bring up the energy of whatever you are asking about – and then notice whether it feels light or heavy.

If something feels light then it is true for you. If something feels heavy then it is a lie for you (which usually means it is created from other people’s expectations, judgments, beliefs etc).

I have often heard or read that “the answers are within us” and in my past I often wondered why I couldn’t find these elusive answers. The problem is that in looking for answers (which is what we are taught to do in our society) we shut down our awareness and buy into other people’s realities,  whereas, asking questions enables us to function from our own awareness.

Answers dis-empower, questions empower.

Let’s have a look at a few examples:

Example 1: You have a headache so you ask the question “Is this mine?”

If the energy lightens then it’s not yours. You’ve just become aware that this energy does not belong to you so you can let it go. This will often clear the problem immediately.

If the energy felt heavy, then maybe you need to ask more questions and notice the energy that comes up to give you greater awareness of why your body is showing you this pain (which is just an intensity of energy).

You could ask – What else is possible here? What awareness can I have about this? How can I change this? (Don’t look for the answers, just say the question and be willing to receive whatever comes from that without expectation.)

Example 2: You need to choose between two jobs

One job may look better on paper and one may require a pay cut. The mind will try to figure out the pros and cons and project future possible outcomes of your choice and then try to make the “right” decision, which creates a huge amount of stress and pressure. If you simply ask a question you can gain new awareness about what is true for you.

When choosing between these two jobs simply ask: What will my life be like in 5 years if I take job A? Notice the energy that comes up. Does it feel light or heavy?

Then ask: What will my life be like in 5 years if I take job B? Notice if it feels light or heavy.

Light means true for you. Heavy means it’s not for you at this time.

The more you get out of your head and ask questions and allow your own awareness to open up, the more you will move through life in your own integrity and authenticity because you will be less likely to do things to please others, because it is expected of you, or remain stuck due to indecision.

Use the light or heavy tool and have some fun playing with this! Ask my favourite question: What else is possible? as often as you can, you just never know what might show up!

Keryn Lee Stevens is a Theta Healing Practitioner, Access Bars Facilitator and Empowerment Teacher. Visit her website at www.kerynlee.com.au.

More information about Access Consciousness is available at their website www.accessconsciousness.com

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It wasn’t meant to be – or was it?


When things don’t turn out the way we desire a very common expression is to say “it wasn’t meant to be” and, I admit, in the past this phrase used to freely roll off my tongue like the slippery little lie that it is.  Yet, what are we actually saying when we utter these words?

I see this statement as a way of pretending that you are less than you are and that you don’t have the ability to create what you truly desire.  It’s an excuse to sink into a state of lack of awareness and diminish your greatness.

Here’s the thing – you are an infinite being, therefore:

  • If you desire it, then have it.
  • If you desire to do it, then do it.
  • If you desire to be it, then be it.

YOU create the possibilities for yourself, not the universe or god or some other being. To think otherwise is to give away your power.

Instead of saying “it wasn’t meant to be” ask yourself if you truly wanted it in the first place.

If not, then acknowledge that. Be honest and admit that you chose not to create that right now. Stop lying to yourself and pretending that something else is directing your life and that you have no say. (You’re an infinite being remember!)

If you did truly want something and it did not turn out the way you desired then shift from victimhood (it wasn’t meant to be) to empowerment (I’m having this! I don’t know how yet, but I’m having it). Then start asking questions – What else is possible? How can I change this? What awareness can I have about this? What would it take for me to have this?

In Access Consciousness we call this “Being in the Question”. You are inviting the universe to respond to your request and you will find that new awarenesses and possibilities start to show up.

Asking questions does not mean that you must then seek answers. This will get you caught up in the mind and will limit your possibilities. Stay in the energy of the question.

Another aspect of the statement “it wasn’t meant to be” is when we desire something but are not willing to step beyond our comfort zones to get it. It’s an easy excuse to say “it wasn’t meant to be” and then give up because change seems too daunting.

Every time you hear yourself say “it wasn’t meant to be” stop and consider the lie you just told yourself and tune in to your actual truth.

  • Did you really want it?
  • Did it just appear different than you expected?
  • Were you unwilling to step beyond your comfort zone in order to have it?

The more you catch yourself saying “it wasn’t meant to be” the more you can choose to eliminate this victim statement from your vocabulary and become more aware and empowered in your daily life.

Keryn Lee is an Access Bars Facilitator, Theta Healing Practitioner, Tarot Reader and Empowerment Teacher. Visit her website for more information about her sessions and classes www.kerynlee.com.au or contact her on 0408 857 620 or keryn@kerynlee.com.au

More information about Access Consciousness is also available at www.accessconsciousness.com 

Beyond Affirmations into Soul Passion

abundance2Have you ever noticed how hard you have to work at affirmations and how you don’t always get what you want?

That’s because affirmations work on the understanding that thought creates reality and that’s true to a point, but it’s not the only way we create our reality. The problem with creating via thought is that thought comes from the mind and the mind is very limited. It is easily influenced by other people, belief systems, society, expectations, trauma and myriad of other things all of which influences our ability to know our true soul desires and create what is truly important to us.

When we understand how energy really works and when we create from our soul passion we take conscious creating to a whole new level – one that goes beyond the limited mind.

Here’s a couple of important points:

  • Most people think that everything is energy. I would say that everything is energy EXCEPT YOU. Yes, your physical body is energy, but at your core you are consciousness.
  • Energy remains in a neutral state until it is activated by consciousness.
  • You are consciousness and therefore you have the ability to direct energy. This is how we create and by default much of this goes on at a subconscious level, but as we awaken to who we really are we become conscious creators.

When we break everything down into energy and consciousness creating becomes extremely simple. Firstly, you feel into the passion of your soul. How do you do that? By following your passion, by doing things you love, by creating our own expression. E.g. Gardening, cooking, painting, writing, singing – anything you do through the expression of your body, mind and spirit that absorbs you and makes you feel fulfilled in some way.

This connection gives you an idea of what is truly important to you in your life and not what others say or expect of you. E.g. if you wish to create a bigger, grander house to match your neighbours new mansion then you are not in alignment with your soul, that is a false perception of fulfilment.

Next you do some Conscious Breathing. This is where you focus on the breath and breathe deeply into your belly. This gets energy flowing. When energy is stuck it causes imbalances, drama, illness etc. When energy flows it is better able to serve you and your creations.

Then you simply allow life to come to you. We have learned to struggle and work hard to achieve what we want. Instead of battling to climb that mountain and receive your reward at the top, what if you simply stood still and allowed the reward to come to you? The human mind struggles with this because you are programmed to work hard, but remember, energy is here to serve you. You are consciousness and energy is waiting for your command.

If you trust yourself and allow your soul passion to shine into your life you will find that everything you need comes to you, often before you even know you need it. It’s just there. No struggling required. No mind games and affirmations, just you and your soul opening into a new level of consciousness.

If you are struggling with this concept or not sure what your passion is or how to open up to a deeper soul connection then start with the Conscious Breathing to get your energy flowing and deepen your soul connection. You can get a FREE 17 page E-BOOK titled The Ins and Outs of Conscious Breathing by joining my mailing list (which you can do by emailing me or visiting my website).

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