So you want to be a Healer?

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Do you ever wonder if you have the ability to heal others? Do you ever wonder what it takes to be a great healer?

My interest in this field began 35 years ago and since that time I have studied more modalities than I can remember. My aim, at first, was to heal myself but very quickly I developed a passion for this work and wanted to share the potential for transformation with others.

I often meet people who would like to be healers and many doubt their own abilities and never go beyond learning a modality and practising on a few friends or family. There’s nothing wrong with this for those who are happy with this level of participation, but for those who would like to go further and help others to heal and make a difference in the world I would like to share a few insights I have learned along the way.

It’s Never about the Modality

Different healing modalities serve different purposes and we are drawn to those we most resonate with at any point in time. I am always amused by people who learn a particular modality and think that their modality is better than any other. In truth, it’s not about the modality; it’s about how YOU show up.

When you are being authentic, when you are present with your client, when you function from a space of no judgement and infinite possibilities you create a space for deep transformation – your modality is just the vehicle that you use. On the other hand, if you function from ego, judgement and conclusion, how much will that limit what is possible in your sessions?

Your healing modality also provides a framework for you to learn and develop your skills and abilities; it allows you to tap into different energies that you are not necessarily aware of in your daily life and you can also connect with like-minded people with whom you can learn and practise.

Over time I have allowed modalities that no longer serve me fall by the wayside and I use those that resonate with who I am now – and I am still learning and growing. However, these days I am more willing to follow the energy instead of following someone else’s guidelines and this is where you really step into your own awareness and brilliance. It’s where you add YOU into what you do.

Here’s a few basic elements that I feel are important to being a great healer:

Be Present

Leave all your garbage at the door and show up fully present for your client. Listen to them with your whole being so that you notice their body language, slight changes in their energy, what they are saying beneath their words, what cues your own body gives you and so on. You can’t do this if you’re busy yapping on about your own issues and stories. A session is not about you, it’s about them. Be present. This creates a space for your client to feel heard (something many people do not have in their own lives) and a space for them to feel safe (which is an invitation for deeper transformation).

No Judgement

Your clients need to know that they will not be judged no matter what they tell you. Judgement is something people experience in daily life (especially self-judgement) and it causes them to put up barriers and shut down parts of themselves for protection. This is not beneficial in a healing session. You want to invite your client into a level of vulnerability that allows deep change, they can do this if they feel fully supported by you.

I have clients who chuckle when they tell me something that they think is awful and I say “Cool! Where do you notice that in your body?” Of course, I am not saying that it’s “cool” that they had a difficult experience. I am saying cool because the client has just identified something they would like to change and now we get to play so that energy can be released. Once it is gone the situation will no longer hold charge for the client. It is also a way to let them know that while I acknowledge their story, I don’t buy it. The story is just the wrapping that covers the underlying energy, if we get caught up in that we never get to the core of the situation. Staying out of judgment is another way to help your client feel free to go wherever they need to go during a session.

Infinite Possibilities

We are infinite beings and therefore we have infinite possibilities available to us – always. This means that anything can be changed; our only limitation is the human mind. The mind wants to try to figure everything out, it wants us to find answers and make conclusions and work hard to get everything right.

The greatest healing takes place when you are willing to be the space of infinite possibilities, to be out of your comfort zone, to be willing to not know what the hell you are doing, to invite the chaos and just follow the energy of whatever comes up.

If you make a conclusion that this person has depression, for example, and you will heal that by doing x,y,z you have limited the possibilities of what can occur. If you follow the energy of what is presented in that session and are willing to ask questions and be curious you open up the possibilities available to you exponentially and healing can take place beyond your imagination.

I don’t think I’ll be good enough

This is the number one reason people give me for not actually becoming a healer, which makes it the number one killer of dreams. All I can say to this is, “Stop believing your own BS!”

If you truly want something, go get it! Don’t wait for others to give you permission, because they never will. It’s YOU who must make the choice, YOU who must take the first steps, and YOU who gets to show up and BE YOU.

Get out there and practise on anyone who will sit still long enough for you to work your magic. Don’t wait to be perfect or you will be waiting a long time, meanwhile your dreams will be rotting away. And most of all HAVE FUN! Healing is the most amazing thing to do in the whole world (IMHO) why make it serious or limited or boring? Have fun, my friends, because laughter will heal more than tears any day.

It is interesting to note that everything I have mentioned above as qualities of being a great healer are really elements of how we should function in our daily lives, not just during a healing session. It’s about becoming more authentic and connected with who we are. The more we BE this each and every day, the more that will contribute to our lives and doing what we love – which is why I said “it’s never about the modality, it’s about how you show up”.

Until next time, Beautiful Beings . . .

Keryn Lee

Keryn Lee is a Healing Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, Tarot Reader and Money Coach. She offers transformational Private Sessions and Programs to clients who are ready to create phenomenal change in their lives. She helps healers and other soul-based entrepreneurs create successful, authentic businesses. Sessions available In Person, Online or Phone. Book Now on 0408 857 620 or Visit website: 

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