What Abilities are you Hiding?



What abilities and capacities are you hiding that if you didn’t hide them anymore would allow you to recognise a unique talent that you have?

Often when I do healing sessions with clients something will come up in relation to a past life and I usually get an image or feeling that gives me information relevant to whatever has been keeping them stuck in a particular situation. This is not unusual to me because it’s part of a healing session where I receive lots of information that you normally would not know about a person.

However, some time ago I began to notice that when I see people stroll down the street or wander past me in shopping centres I have an instant recognition of one of their past lives. I think I’ve actually been doing this for quite a while but have just ignored the information as trivial. I mean, it wasn’t part of a healing session where people choose to receive this information, so what was I going to do? Run up to strangers and say, “Hey, guess what? You were Joan of Arc in a past life!”

As I’ve become more consciously aware of doing this my first response was to make myself wrong and tell myself to stop judging other people. And when I considered telling a friend what I was seeing it seemed ridiculous because the energy of that past life was so obvious to me that I thought they’d say, “Duh! Anybody can see that!”

One day, near my home, I saw an old woman crossing the road. She was slightly stooped, dressed in black from head to toe, and her matching hat had one single red flower that stood out against the darkness. I could feel that underneath the dark, slightly burdened exterior was a sense of childlike joy and a simplistic view of life. Overlaying that image I saw her in a different time. She carried a basket of flowers that she was to sell at a market. She was much younger and brightly dressed. There was an exuberance and lightness to her being. I could see how this lightness was a supporting energy in this lifetime which was a much harder situation for her to bear. It made me feel honoured to know this about her and I asked myself, “Why are you making this a wrongness? What if this is a unique capacity? Why are you hiding it? Why are you refusing to play with it?

So I started to ask questions. Am I actually seeing a past life or am I just making this up? Can I choose to receive this information about anyone or does this just happen randomly?

To test it out I thought of someone I knew well and tuned in to their energy. Straight away I became aware of a past life of theirs, so I repeated this with another person. Then I picked a random person from a news story, then another, and continued to play.

After a while I thought, “Well, that was fun, but what’s the point of all this?” If this is a capacity, a talent that I have, what do I do with it?

So I went back to my friend and the past life I first saw her in and really felt into the energy. This time I began to “translate” that energy and I realised that seeing the past life was just the first layer. As I went deeper I began to unravel the energies and draw out more detail. I discovered why that past life was relevant to now, how she used these abilities in her life and where she could sometimes get stuck. Most importantly, I saw the underlying energy that she functioned from, almost like a driving energy, something that was inherently part of her being.

Since then I have used this ability in sessions with a few regular clients and also with a few willing friends which has enabled me to get feedback, and as they asked questions it has pushed me to discover more. What I have found is that people often have an instant recognition of the past life I tune into and how it impacts them today which can be quite emotional. There was a client who now has an explanation for a childhood event where she reacted to a situation in a way that was completely out of character and upon learning about her past life can now see the reason for this.

At this point, it seems that the past life I tune into is fundamental to the person. It’s a core energy that they function from in this lifetime and is probably connected in some way to what some might call their “life purpose”. It can uncover why they feel passionate about something and why they are drawn to do certain things.

As I play with this ability and allow it to grow I have come to see it as a capacity not a wrongness, and I’m now willing to consider what else might be possible with this instead of hiding it.

Take a moment to look at your own life. What capacity do you have that you have taken for granted? Something that is so simple for you that you negate its brilliance, perhaps something that you have made wrong or ignored in some way?

If you’re not sure what that might be, ask this question each day and see what shows up:

“What capacity do I have that if I would acknowledge it would contribute to my life and the lives of others?

As you do this, you’re asking the Universe to show you the possibilities.

Once you have an awareness of your unique ability, ask questions. What else is possible here? What can I do with this? How will this contribute to my life? And start to play with it.

We all have many talents and abilities, yet sometimes we get stuck in the mediocrity and sameness perpetuated by a society that only wants us to fit in. And we forget how awesome we are.

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