Change your Brain, Change your Life


A few years ago I decided to take some horse riding lessons. I hadn’t ridden for over 35 years but it was something I had loved to do in my childhood and wanted to experience again.

My first lesson was a disaster. Although I remembered the basics of how to ride a horse and was excited about doing this, many old memories from those early years where I’d fallen off or had a frightening experience came back to haunt me and to put it plainly, I was terrified. Of course, the horse could sense this and behaved erratically to the point where my instructor told me she had never seen him act this way before.

Feeling somewhat disappointed I drove home through the winding hills and started to formulate ideas about how I could change this. As a Theta Healing practitioner I had often used this modality to help others with fears and phobias, to improve skills and abilities and just about anything that creates dis-harmony in people’s lives or bodies, and I wondered what might be possible in this situation.

Prior to my next riding lesson, which was a week later, I did some Theta Healing on myself to release the past fears and memories that were hi-jacking my riding experience, and basically reprogrammed my brain to know what it felt like to be a confident, skilled rider and to have fun and be at ease on the horse.

The next lesson was completely different. I felt much calmer and more relaxed. I performed all the tasks with ease and confidence and was thoroughly enjoying myself when my flabbergasted instructor said. “I don’t know what you’ve done, but in all my years of teaching I have never seen anyone improve so much in one week.”

Needless to say, I drove home through those hills feeling exhilarated and very pleased with myself. It showed me once again, just how simple it can be to bring about change in our lives. Too often we are taught to believe that change must be difficult or take place over a long period of time and the mind plays such a huge part in this.

In the following weeks I occasionally used Theta Healing to “tweak” anything that came up during my riding lessons so that I could fine tune my horse riding experience and create even more ease and joy. My instructor continued to be amazed at my progress.

This example shows the amazing capacity that we have to actually change what’s going on in the brain. Theta Healing is one method that can be used to do this. It’s a non-invasive energy healing modality that incorporates quantum physics and the movement of energy, atoms and physical particles in order to allow the body the conditions it needs to heal. In my case I was able to release past trauma associated with horses and horse riding and create new neural pathways so that I already knew how to have the skills and abilities and confidence needed, often even before I knew that I needed them.

To explain this more fully, I once used Theta Healing to program myself to know how to deal with a particular issue should it ever arise with any of my clients, even though it never had come up before. It was like adding another tool to my toolbox so that I was prepared for anything. Over the coming few days I had some relevant information appear out of the blue and then three clients show up with this exact issue. Each case was handled with ease as if I already knew how to do what I had to do, and in a way I did because my brain believed that it did, even though it had never physically happened before.

More and more scientific research is validating the theory that thoughts create our reality and scientists such as Dr Bruce Lipton have discovered that our biology is not controlled by our genes/DNA as once thought. Instead, DNA is susceptible to signals from outside the cell such as the energetic messages from our positive and negative thoughts.

This means that if there is something that we would like to change in our lives, whether it is our health, relationships, finances, general wellbeing or riding a horse, then that change is possible.

Imagine the possibilities for students studying for exams, someone wanting to learn to speak a different language more easily, having more confidence with public speaking or driving a car, learning a new skill or improving psychic abilities. The list is endless and we are only limited by our imagination. What would you like to change, have, be or do? And what if it was possible?

Keryn Lee is a Theta Healing Practitioner, Access Bars Facilitator, Tarot Reader and Empowerment Teacher. Visit her website for more information about her sessions and classes or contact her on 0408 857 620

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