What if it’s just a “story”?


What is it that you would most like to change in your life? Your health? Your finances? Your relationships? Your job?

Did you know that you are an infinite being – notice the INFINITE part – so why do we diminish ourselves and pretend that we are not loved or have too much debt or don’t know what we really want to do?

Many believe that we are here to learn lessons and must go through these struggles to evolve spiritually. What if this is just a story? And what if that story is a way to justify our struggling and what if it creates an excuse for us NOT TO CREATE GREATNESS in our lives?

Ouch! There’s a lot of energy around that question! Did you feel it?

Many years ago I probably would have read that paragraph and indignantly told myself that I was delusional. (“What are you talking about? Of course we have spiritual lessons! Isn’t that the point of being here?) However, my perspective of reality has changed so much that I now question everything. The benefit of questioning everything is that we gain new awareness and begin to see how much of our reality actually comes from other people’s points of view that we have bought into.

Why would we need an excuse to NOT create greatness? Well, being the greatness and potency that we are may require that we go beyond the realities of our friends and families and society. We may have to stop buying into the stories and lies and manipulations that keep us diminished. It may mean that we have to step out of our comfort zones.

What if the point of being here (on Earth) was simply to BE THE CONTRIBUTION that we are? No matter what that looks like for each of us – whether we cut hair or clean hotel rooms or perform surgery or teach others. What if we each had a uniqueness that we brought to the world and by allowing ourselves to express that we could inspire much more ease and joy on this planet?

What if this allowed us to let go of the struggle, to stop buying the beliefs of others that keep us stuck and diminished, and to create from a whole different space and awareness? And in so doing, what else might be possible in our world?

What stories are you buying (that are creating your health, your job, your relationships and your wellbeing) that are not actually yours that by releasing them could change your whole reality?

Change begins with AWARENESS and CHOICE.

Beginning Wednesday July 27th, 2016 I will be running a monthly Create Your Life class.

This class offers new perspectives on creating the life you desire and provides effective tools for implementing change. Join us to discover what else is possible, how you can change your reality and how being you can change the world.

Classes held at Kensington Park, SA.

7.00 – 8.30pm.

Bookings essential: 0408 857 620, keryn@kerynlee.com.au


Keryn also offers Private Facilitation in 30 and 60 minute sessions by phone or computer for those who cannot attended classes and would like assistance implementing change in their lives.

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