What’s True For You?

decisions 2

How often have you had to make a choice or decision and felt overwhelmed, stressed or confused?

Today, I thought I would share a useful tool that can help you make decisions about what’s true for you at any given point in time. It will also help you gain more awareness of yourself and your body.

It’s called the Light and Heavy Tool and it comes from Access Consciousness.

All you do is “ask a question” – which helps to bring up the energy of whatever you are asking about – and then notice whether it feels light or heavy.

If something feels light then it is true for you. If something feels heavy then it is a lie for you (which usually means it is created from other people’s expectations, judgments, beliefs etc).

I have often heard or read that “the answers are within us” and in my past I often wondered why I couldn’t find these elusive answers. The problem is that in looking for answers (which is what we are taught to do in our society) we shut down our awareness and buy into other people’s realities,  whereas, asking questions enables us to function from our own awareness.

Answers dis-empower, questions empower.

Let’s have a look at a few examples:

Example 1: You have a headache so you ask the question “Is this mine?”

If the energy lightens then it’s not yours. You’ve just become aware that this energy does not belong to you so you can let it go. This will often clear the problem immediately.

If the energy felt heavy, then maybe you need to ask more questions and notice the energy that comes up to give you greater awareness of why your body is showing you this pain (which is just an intensity of energy).

You could ask – What else is possible here? What awareness can I have about this? How can I change this? (Don’t look for the answers, just say the question and be willing to receive whatever comes from that without expectation.)

Example 2: You need to choose between two jobs

One job may look better on paper and one may require a pay cut. The mind will try to figure out the pros and cons and project future possible outcomes of your choice and then try to make the “right” decision, which creates a huge amount of stress and pressure. If you simply ask a question you can gain new awareness about what is true for you.

When choosing between these two jobs simply ask: What will my life be like in 5 years if I take job A? Notice the energy that comes up. Does it feel light or heavy?

Then ask: What will my life be like in 5 years if I take job B? Notice if it feels light or heavy.

Light means true for you. Heavy means it’s not for you at this time.

The more you get out of your head and ask questions and allow your own awareness to open up, the more you will move through life in your own integrity and authenticity because you will be less likely to do things to please others, because it is expected of you, or remain stuck due to indecision.

Use the light or heavy tool and have some fun playing with this! Ask my favourite question: What else is possible? as often as you can, you just never know what might show up!

Keryn Lee Stevens is a Theta Healing Practitioner, Access Bars Facilitator and Empowerment Teacher. Visit her website at www.kerynlee.com.au.

More information about Access Consciousness is available at their website www.accessconsciousness.com

You can learn more about Access Consciousness tools (and the wonderful Access Bars modality) in the one day Access Bars Workshops. See my website for dates. www.kerynlee.com.au/classes.html

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