Beyond Your Barriers

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Have you ever wanted to change something in your life and found yourself giving up because whatever you are doing doesn’t seem to be working?

In an article I posted in January called “Creating Change” I spoke about how my life was becoming rather mediocre and I made a choice to change this. It required letting go of everything that was familiar to me so that I could create something new.

It was challenging at times yet everything moved along steadily for a few months. I made choices about what I wanted my life to look like and I let go of anything that didn’t resonate with this. After a while things began to slow down, worked dropped off and I began to question myself.

This is the point where many people give up, where they say “It wasn’t meant to be”, where they make themselves wrong and then scurry back to their comfort zones. What they don’t realise is that this is simply “the Universe” checking in and asking if this is still what they truly desire.

Let me give you an example: I have recently had the wonderful opportunity to experience Equus Coaching with a friend of mine. I stood in the middle of a round pen with a horse with no bridle, halter or saddle. My job was to get the horse moving or doing whatever I desired without touching the animal – simply by being present in my body, connecting with the animal and directing the energy. Once the horse is moving around the pen and the energy is flowing between us, there is a moment where you think “Yay, it’s working!” and as this happens you disconnect and then the horses ears start to flicker. This is where he feels a shift in your energy and he is now asking “Do you want me to keep doing this or shall I stop?” He’s checking in to see if this is what you really want.

Do you see the correlation here? You have to keep the energy flowing and maintain your focus. It’s easy for us to get excited about changing something in our lives and take that first step, but we have to keep the momentum going (energetically). This requires us to step beyond our comfort zones which feels different and a bit uncomfortable so we go into fear and doubt which causes the energy to contract and thus the momentum wanes. This is where we wonder if it’s ‘working’, we question our choices etc. This exact moment is the pivotal point of what you are creating. It’s where you really step out of the comfort zone, where you go beyond the barriers – or where you slip back into what was.

In my own life, as things began to wane I checked in with the energy. Is this still what I desire? Well, I still wanted to expand and go beyond anything I had previously created with my healing work and my business, and I knew there was no way I could go back. So it was forward into the unknown. It was make or break.

What followed was one of the most monumental experiences of my life. I had to face my fears and go beyond the judgments of others in a rather public way and the only way through this for me was to be 100% true to myself. The energy shifted and things began to flow with such a rush that I was giddy with excitement for weeks and the fun has not stopped. (And some of you may recall that in the first article “Creating Change” I spoke about creating more FUN in my life!)

One of the things I did when facing my fears etc was to notice everything that was happening in my body, notice any fears and doubts, and clear everything that came up. To do this I used some Access Consciousness tools and I thought I would share a couple with you:

Light or Heavy

This is where you ask a question, feel the energy that comes up, and then notice whether it is light or heavy. If it is light and spacious it means it is true for you and heavy or twisted it means it is not true for you.

You can use this when deciding between two options or whether to go somewhere, or how much to charge for your services etc. If it’s light then its right for you in this moment, if it’s heavy then it may not be for you right now, or you may need to clear some “baggage” first then ask again.

Is it yours?

Another Access Consciousness tool comes from knowing that 98% of your thoughts, feelings, emotions etc are not even yours. We are extremely psychic – yes, all of us – and we pick up on everything that is going on from the people around us. So when you feel fear, pain, doubt, depression or anything at all, the first question to ask is,“Is this mine?”

You may feel the energy shift, it may feel lighter or you may have an awareness about who the energy belongs to. If it’s not yours you can simply return it to sender with consciousness attached. You don’t have to carry it around and react to it any longer. (These tools and much more are part of the Beyond Barriers workshop.)

Remember that everything is energy and energy can be changed, transformed, transmuted, created and uncreated. Any barrier that is preventing you from getting to that pivotal point in your life and stepping beyond it is just energy and can be changed. Are you ready for change?

Keryn Lee is an Access Consciousness Facilitator, Theta Healing Practitioner and Empowerment Teacher. Classes, workshops, healing and private sessions are available by visiting her website.

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