Creating Change


I’m just curious . . . have you ever woken up and felt unexcited about the day ahead, that life was somewhat mundane and beginning to feel like “same shit, different day”?

I found a way out of this mediocrity that is simple and effective and anyone can do it . . . would it be ok if I share this with you?

This ‘mediocrity’ was me for a while last year, and it was winter as well which didn’t help – coldness is truly not my thing – and though I was generally happy and doing the work I love, I was, well, bored. I wasn’t waking up every day EXCITED to be alive!

So, what was missing here?

I did the usual human thing and tried to ‘figure it all out’, which just hurt my brain and got me nowhere – you’ve tried that yourself, right? It just leads to more frustration. I also used some of the tools that I have used and taught for the past decade, only this time they had no potency and just weren’t working as well as they had in the past. (I didn’t see it at the time, but this happened at one other time in my life when I was going through a massive change and the old was falling away to allow space for something new – which is funny now, not so much then.)

One day, in anger and frustration, I said, “Do I even want to be here anymore?” I felt into that and knew with absolute certainty that I did. So I said, “Fine, but I’m damn well not staying if I’m not having fun!” And now, as I look back, I realise that it was in that moment that everything began to change.

I made a choice (to be here and have fun) and then I took action by doing something different (I began to expand my business by working in the city). No matter what showed up (fears and doubts) I made a commitment to myself that I would do whatever it takes to change my reality. And then the magic really began.

It started in small ways and as I began to ‘follow the energy’ I got more and more excited, amazing possibilities began appear and I was definately no longer bored!

Along the way I had to let go of what was familiar and comfortable to allow the space to create something new – only this time it was all about my work rather than my personal life.

If you want something different in your
life you have to be willing to STEP UP
and be MORE than you have previously
allowed yourself to be.

The healing work that I truly love so much began to expand into new areas and I let go of things that no longer resonated with me. Everything began to change, including my prices – yes, again – because I had to be willing to step into a new paradigm. I had to BE the change that I wanted to inspire in others.

As many of you may know, I stopped doing Tarot readings, I changed my website and discarded my entire range of workshops – with deep gratitude for all the amazing experiences created over the past decade – and I am now generating and creating something entirely new.

All of this invites each of you to create a shift in your own life and join me in this new adventure. Are you ready to step up and become more than you have previously allowed yourself to be?

Amid the quiet chaos of the past few months I learned that anything is truly possible. Change is still in progress yet there is so much ease and joy and clarity, and I now have some amazing new tools that are opening up a world of possibilities.

So, perhaps my story will inpsire you to consider making a change in your own life. It is not as difficult as it may seem, it just requires a few simple tools and your willingness to use them.

Listed below are a few insights that were gleaned from my experience of change over the past months, and I would like to invite each of you to join me in a Free Webinar where we will go deeper into these insights and give you the opportunity to ask questions and clear some blocks in your own life.

  • Make a choice to live – not just to survive. There is a difference.
  • Make a demand of yourself by acknowledging that “This shit just doesn’t cut it any more, I’m having something different!” And truly mean it. (Just saying the words won’t conjure your fairy Godmother.)
  • Be willing to let go of your comfort zones – because there really is nothing comfortable about them at all, they are glorified prisons.
  • Be willing to DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to change your reality. (If you’re WAITING for change, grab a good book because it will be a long wait.)
  • When you create a space for MORE in your life, be aware that fear and doubt will try to pull you back into the past. Kick them out, they are total party-poopers and you are an infinite being!
  • And there is ONE THING that is the KEY to getting all of this to work really well for you, and I will be sharing what that is during the webinar.

Dear friends . . . what would it take for you to be the infinite contribution that you truly be?

What else is possible in your life that you haven’t even thought of yet?

Need a little help getting started? As well as the Webinar, I offer Private Facilitation, Access Bars, Theta Healing and the new workshops and classes that will be coming soon. If you want change, start today!

I would also like to acknowledge Access Consciousness. After making a demand for my life to change, it was some of their tools that showed up and assisted me as I raised the bar in my own life. You can find out more at their website

For more information contact Keryn on 0408 857 620 or or go to

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