You already ARE Love

guides 2Mira, a being of light, channelled by Keryn Lee

I invite you to take a few deep breaths, go beyond the words and feel into the essence of Mira’s message as you also tune into your own wisdom and insights.

Mira was asked a question about self-love recently and as it is such a common question I decided to share . . .

Mira, how can I love myself more?

This is an amusing question, dear ones, because you either love yourself or you do not. What you are really asking is, what specific things can you do to feel this love more in your everyday life? And we would ask you to imagine a dark room, and inside this room is a black box, and in-side this box is the brightest, whitest light you can imagine— visible only where a few shards peek through tiny cracks in the box. The light is you and the box is your human reality. So the question becomes, how much of the love that you have within you are you ready to bring into your life, how much of this love are you ready to allow to shine and radiate outwards? You see, it is already there. You already ARE love. You cannot really be more love because you simply are it already.

What you can do is allow yourself to bring this more into your life. Of course, being in your joy is one way to express this love. Sharing your skills and gifts with others, following your passion and being very present with yourself. As these things expand more in your life it will bring you to a greater place of love. The quiet moments when you sit and acknowledge who you are, when you breathe deep into your belly and feel into your divinity, when you walk in nature and feel your connection to all things. These are the moments when you allow your light to shine brighter, when you acknowledge it and feel it. But understand that even in those moments when you do not see it, it is still there. It is always there. It is why I have told you that there is an element of love in every experience – even those experiences you term ‘negative’ – because there is no way that love cannot be present, because every human being IS love. Many have just shut themselves off, hidden beneath the baggage that they carry, the density within which they live, the limitations of the human mind.

We invite you to remind yourself from time to time that you ARE love (no matter what). This understanding brings a deeper perspective of who you really are. It allows you to have those moments of recognition instead of seeking to find more love which sets up a game, a challenge that you must overcome, something that you must find, it begins a journey of striving to achieve something. You do not need to ‘achieve’ something that you already are. You simply allow it.

As always, it is my deepest honour to be of service to you . . . Namaste.

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