Conscious Breathing

breathe 3It is through the Conscious Breath that we are truly able to reconnect with ourselves at a very deep level. Conscious Breathing requires no more than slow deep breaths into your belly as you place your awareness on this gentle flow of air. This simple act has the ability to ground and centre you instantly, it gets energy flowing in the body assisting in the release of old stuck energies, and it establishes an intimate connection with your soul.
Most people don’t take the time to stop for a few moments and breathe. They rush around taking in shallow breaths that serve only to keep them just surviving. This sends a message to your body that you’re not so sure if you really want to be here, that life is pretty tough and that you’re just getting by.
Imagine using each breath as an affirmation that you are actually choosing to be alive, that you wish to be fully present in this now moment and embrace life to the fullest. Imagine every breath reaching deep into your belly and sending a message to your body that says ‘YES! I choose life!’. This speaks to every cell within you, it enlivens the body and awakens the soul which attracts new energies and new potentials into your life.
Interestingly, it also relaxes the mind. When we are taught to meditate most people are taught to ‘clear their minds’. What this does is bring attention to the mind which draws energy to it and actually gives the mind more to do because it will use all this energy to try to figure out how to become still. When you place your awareness lightly on your breath it draws focus away from your mind which naturally causes it to relax.
As you breathe deep into your belly you are connecting with the Temple of your Soul, you are inviting your soul to come closer and join you in this reality. The more you do this the more balanced you will become, the more calm and peaceful, the more in tune with your own feelings, knowingness and inner wisdom.

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